Best part-time jobs for college students in Berkeley

Illustration of a person buying food at Cal Dining.
Vivian Du/Staff

Many college students end up working part-time jobs during their time in college. Whether they be for making extra pocket money or for providing necessities, part-time jobs are essential to our college lives. UC Berkeley is surrounded by a very diverse assortment of stores and businesses, many of which are looking for college students to hire to fill part-time positions. With this in mind, here are some of the best part-time jobs to have while in college.

Campus jobs

Nothing beats having a campus job. The hours are catered toward college students; you can easily ask for a leave of absence when break starts if you want to go home. For those with work-study, it’ll be even easier for you to find these jobs. Many students prefer library jobs, where tasks are usually minimal and hours are very flexible. There are also jobs at the Student Learning Center, BearWALK, Cal Calling Center and other places that are constantly looking for students wanting to make money. If you’re looking for ways to stay near to campus while receiving paychecks and working flexible hours, campus jobs are probably the best choice for you.

Receptionist or administrative assistant

SAT prep academies and other offices around UC Berkeley, such as Kaplan or Princeton Review, are always looking for receptionists and administrative assistants. These jobs are the best to do if you don’t want physically demanding jobs but also want to receive competitive wages. If organizing files, making phone calls and managing an office’s general needs are things you’re interested in, check out these jobs! Most places will appreciate UC Berkeley students for their appreciation for academia.

Boba shop employee

Berkeley is home to more boba shops than most other cities its size. A lot of the boba shops are very near to campus, too. So if you’re looking for a job, take a look at these places first. Although most of them will only pay minimum wage, tips can go a long way in these service jobs. If you’re a boba fanatic like the many thousands of other UC Berkeley students, it would be perfect to work at one of these stores — for the discounts and the paychecks.


If learning and teaching is your passion, you should tutor local high school and middle school students. The big pro of attending one of the best universities in the United States is that you gain a greatly sought-out education, and many people are willing to pay you to spread the knowledge you’ve learned. We all went through middle school and high school, so we’re very familiar with the content those students are learning. The age gap between you and your students won’t be too great, so they can feel more comfortable asking you questions and receiving instruction from you. If you’re looking to go into teaching after college, this job is especially fit for you!

Bookstore employee

Berkeley is home to a lot of unique and thriving bookstores. Each of them represents different cultures and ideologies that exist in the city of Berkeley. If you want to engage yourself in the city more during your college years, working at one or more of these bookstores could be a fulfilling experience that also pays. The level of work may vary, but the people you meet and the experiences you gain won’t be like those of any other job.

Part-time jobs are a big part of many college students’ lives, and these jobs will definitely make your job experience in college better. But remember to maintain a good balance between work and school. And keep seeking joy in what you do!

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