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Beyond Rate My Professors: UC Berkeley’s finest instructors

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AUGUST 09, 2019

Warm summer afternoons spent walking aimlessly around San Francisco will soon become a thing of the past. Enrollment times, finalized class schedules and other deadlines are looming. We at the Clog, however, have your back! We want you to relish the last 20 days of summer just as much as you did the first 20. By featuring four quirky, brilliant, fascinating UC Berkeley professors who offer an array of classes for fall 2019, we hope to lessen the stress that comes with choosing classes. After all, UC Berkeley attracts world-renowned professors. The Clog encourages you to check out their classes this semester and engage with the curious world of academia.

Martha Olney

Fall 2019: Economics 1, Economics 199

Any human being who can break down complex macroeconomic concepts the way Olney can should be wearing a cape. Martha Olney: a badass female professor. Enough said.

Darren Zook

Fall 2019: Global Studies 10B, Global Studies 24, Global Studies 173

Zook is a man with only a few words on each slide, a big heart and an even bigger intellect. During lectures, Zook becomes a captivating storyteller and truly brings class concepts to life. He has spent time in most of the countries he examines and often includes on lecture slides personal images he has taken during his travels. The hour-and-a-half lectures breeze by; you’ll find yourself craving more information from Zook after class ends. 

Daniel D Garcia

Fall 2019: Computer Science 10, Computer Science 61C, Computer Science 198

Garcia practically speaks more than 400 words per minute, but he has mastered the skill of speaking clearly and quickly. He explains that it’s because he has far too much information to share over merely four months. But you readjust, and you learn a lot. Garcia is a remarkable and engaging professor — one of UC Berkeley’s finest.

David Presti

Fall 2019: Molecular and Cell Biology C62, Molecular and Cell Biology 90E

A brilliant professor of neurobiology, psychology and cognitive science, Presti will unquestionably captivate your interest in the intertwined study of mind and reality, the complexity of the brain and drugs. And don’t be afraid to take advantage of his office hours.

When it comes to choosing classes, we encourage you to focus on professors more than requirements. Dare to seek out one of these extraordinary professors, even if their topic of study isn’t aligned with your field of interest. They just might change your outlook on life.

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AUGUST 09, 2019