Cal football’s projected 2019 depth chart

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Someone wake Oski up out of hibernation. Dust the canon off. The Bears, at long last, are back.

This weekend will mark the final one since December without Cal football. It also marks the first weekend when a formal, weekly depth chart will be released by the program, providing insight into who emerged on top in several position battles throughout this past spring and into fall camp. 

But as we all learned exactly one year ago, things (will) change. Here’s how the team is expected to line up ahead of its season opener against UC Davis on Aug. 31, barring any noteworthy events throughout the next few days. Note: This list includes projected starters and primary backups, rather than all student-athletes on the 2019 roster. 



Wide Receiver-X

  1. Jordan Duncan, senior 
  2. Trevon Clark, junior OR 
  3. Makai Polk, freshman 

Slot Receiver

  1. Jeremiah Hawkins, junior 
  2. Monroe Young, redshirt freshman

Wide Receiver-Z

  1. Nikko Remigio, sophomore
  2. Kekoa Crawford, redshirt junior OR 
  3. Ricky Walker III, redshirt sophomore

Left Tackle

  1. Will Craig, sophomore
  2. Henry Bazakas, redshirt senior OR
  3. Jasper Friis, redshirt freshman 

Left Guard

  1. Gentle Williams, redshirt junior OR 
  2. Matthew Cindric, redshirt freshman 
  3. Poutasi Poutasi, redshirt sophomore 


  1. Michael Saffell, junior 
  2. Matthew Cindric, redshirt freshman 

Right Guard

  1. Valentino Daltoso, redshirt junior 
  2. McKade Mettauer, freshman OR 
  3. Matthew Cindric, redshirt freshman 

Right Tackle

  1. Jake Curhan, redshirt junior
  2. Brandon Mello, redshirt freshman 

Tight End

  1. McCallan Castles, redshirt freshman OR
  2. Collin Moore, redshirt sophomore
  3. Gavin Reinwald, redshirt sophomore


  1. Chase Garbers, redshirt sophomore OR 
  2. Devon Modster, redshirt junior
  3. Robby Rowell, redshirt freshman OR
  4. Jack Newman, redshirt sophomore


Running Back

  1. Christopher Brown Jr., redshirt freshman
  2. Marcel Dancy, redshirt junior
  3. DeShawn Collins, redshirt junior OR
  4. Alex Netherda, redshirt senior 



Defensive End

  1. Lone Toailoa, redshirt senior OR 
  2. Gabriel Cherry, redshirt sophomore 

Nose Tackle

  1. Luc Bequette, redshirt senior 
  2. Brett Johnson, freshman 

Defensive End

  1. Zeandae Johnson, redshirt senior 
  2. Ben Hawk Schrider, senior 

Outside Linebacker

  1. Cameron Goode, redshirt junior 
  2. Joseph Ogunbanjo, sophomore 

Inside Linebacker

  1. Evan Weaver, redshirt senior 
  2. Evan Tattersall, redshirt freshman 

Inside Linebacker

  1. Kuony Deng, redshirt junior 
  2. Colt Doughty, redshirt senior 

Outside Linebacker

  1. Tevin Paul, redshirt junior 
  2. Chinedu Udeogu, redshirt junior OR 
  3. Deon White, senior


  1. Camryn Bynum, redshirt junior 
  2. Josh Drayden, senior 
  3. Chigozie Anusiem, redshirt freshman 

Free Safety

  1. Ashtyn Davis, redshirt senior 
  2. Daniel Scott, redshirt sophomore

Strong Safety

  1. Jaylinn Hawkins, redshirt senior 
  2. Trey Turner III, redshirt senior 


  1. Elijah Hicks, redshirt junior 
  2. Traveon Beck, redshirt junior OR 
  3. Branden Smith, redshirt junior

Special Teams


  1. Steven Coutts, redshirt senior
  2. Dario Longhetto, redshirt freshman 

Place Kicker

  1. Greg Thomas, redshirt senior
  2. Gabe Siemieniec, redshirt junior 
  3. Dario Longhetto, redshirt freshman 

Long Snapper

  1. Slater Zellers, redshirt freshman 
  2. Daniel Etter, redshirt sophomore 


  1. Steven Coutts, redshirt senior
  2. Gabe Siemieniec, redshirt junior 

Punt Returner

  1. Nikko Remigio, sophomore
  2. Kekoa Crawford, redshirt junior OR 
  3. Jeremiah Hawkins, junior 

Kickoff Returner

  1. Ashtyn Davis, redshirt senior OR 
  2. Jaylinn Hawkins, redshirt senior
  3. Marcel Dancy, redshirt junior OR
  4. DeShawn Collins, redshirt junior 


  1. Gabe Siemieniec, redshirt junior 
  2. Greg Thomas, redshirt senior 


  • Nose guards Siu Fuimaono and Aaron Maldonado have been away from the team due to personal reasons throughout fall camp. 
  • Safety Isaiah Humphries is expected to sit out the season due to transfer rules. 
  • Former quarterback/athlete Brandon McIlwain has left the football program, but will remain a member of the Cal baseball team. 

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