Most relaxing spots on campus to take the stress away

The stress of UC Berkeley can only be handled by the best of the best. But even the greatest students of all time need to take breaks to relax every once in a while. With the fast-paced and competitive environment around campus, it may seem impossible to just sit down and breathe without getting anxious. The atmosphere you feel once you set foot on campus can feel draining and melancholy. However, believe it or not, there are serene and calming places around campus for when you need a break from your hectic day. UC Berkeley can get the best of you, but we want to remind you to take a few moments to sit, breathe and close your eyes. We strongly encourage you to check out these expected and unexpected gems around campus where UC Berkeley can feel like a tranquil and happy place to be.

Ishi Court is nestled away in the middle of Dwinelle Hall. The courtyard, which can be accessed from the B level, may be a little hard to find at first, making it the perfect hideaway spot. There are rarely any people here, so if you’re looking for a secluded, peaceful and relaxing area on campus, Ishi Court is for you!

Memorial Pool is located off to the side of Memorial Glade. This small area was established by the classes of 1945, 1946 and 1947 in honor of UC Berkeley community members whose lives were lost during World War II. Memorial Pool provides a perfect spot for you to relax and ponder — the surrounding trees provide the perfect amount of shade as well!

Right outside of Haviland Hall, which houses the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare, there is a cluster of picnic benches where you can take refuge from the burning California sun. It serves as an ideal location for those who want peace and quiet while reading a new book, taking a quick nap or simply enjoying the outdoors.

The Main Stacks library is known for its extensive collection of books, and it is home to an equally extensive collection of spots to study and relax. The pictured tables are located right outside of the entrance to Main Stacks (from Doe Library), and they are just one of the many small, secluded areas where you can take a breather from your busy schedule.

Memorial Glade is one of the more well-known areas around campus where students go to play a game of Frisbee, catch up on readings for classes and hang out under the sun or shade from the trees. The glade is located right outside of Doe Library and is also near the C.V. Starr East Asian Library. If you’re feeling up to it, borrow a book and spend your afternoon immersed in the world of literature (or just take a nap)!

The Terrace Café is located on the rooftop of the Bechtel Engineering Center and serves an expanse of salads, sushi, sandwiches and coffee. Grab a snack and head over to one of the many outdoor tables, some of which provide a perfect view of the Campanile.

The Hearst Mining Circle is located right outside of the Hearst Memorial Mining Building, which was completed in 1907. The circle features a reflecting pool situated in the middle of a grassy lawn, making it the ideal spot for having a picnic or reading a book. This place is perfect for those who are seeking an outdoor area filled with sunshine but also want a more secluded area than the more well-known Memorial Glade.

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