What year is this student? UC Berkeley starter packs

Graphics of UC Berkeley senior starter pack
Alexander Hong/Senior Staff

With the start of the new semester, you will be seeing a lot of faces that you may or may not have seen before. For freshmen, it may seem so powerful to be mistaken for a senior. For seniors, you may feel a little relieved yet offended to be mistaken for a fresh-faced freshman. We would like to help you distinguish between those who have just barely tasted life at UC Berkeley and those who have truly had enough. The Daily Californian presents UC Berkeley freshman, sophomore, junior and senior starter packs!

Freshman starter pack

To spot freshmen, look for a clean backpack, nice edgy and aesthetic outfits and the infamous UC Berkeley lanyard. When it comes to freshmen attire, you can expect clean hair, Instagram- ready outfits and just an overall glow of youth. The eyes of freshmen are hopeful, big and bright. They have not seen the torture that is UC Berkeley yet, and we hope they keep this look in their eyes forever. Their backpacks look weighed down by all the unnecessary notebooks, pens and chargers that they brought for being on campus for two hours. You may also spot freshmen wearing flip-flops on campus that also double as their shower shoes. Along with this, a freshman starter pack should include a nice, clean and crisp UC Berkeley ID.

Sophomore starter pack

You’ll likely spot sophomores flooding the advising offices while stressing about being “on-track”. Another way to spot sophomores is to see the pure but subtle disappointment of not being sure if their introduction courses will give them the grades they need to declare. Although sophomores still put some effort into their appearances, you may notice a few sweatpants here and there along with the occasional greasy hair. A sophomore starter pack, however, is not complete without a boba milk tea in their hand, as this is the year boba truly becomes an addiction. Along with this, sophomores have some type of confidence walking around campus due to the fact that they aren’t the small, little freshmen anymore. Well, honey, you got a big storm coming! 

Junior starter pack

Junior year is probably the worst year you’ll experience at UC Berkeley. You’ll definitely spot juniors slugging to class and being too lazy to change, which leads to them wearing the same sweatpants for a week straight. With junior year feeling so far from senior year and freshman year being a hazy memory, juniors have it the worst. They don’t remember the joy and ease of freshmen year, but they aren’t exactly in the position to be as happy-go-lucky as seniors. Juniors have the deadest eyes of the undergraduate bunch. However, junior year poses a momentous occasion in which most of the junior class will be turning 21. So if you see a beer bottle sticking out of a backpack, mind your own business!

Senior starter pack

With the end of our academic career at UC Berkeley, seniors may be excited but the wear and tear from the last three years definitely did a number on them. Seniors are living their best lives with a graying head of hair. Along with this, seniors can be spotted with beaten Hydro Flasks that have also suffered from the past three years. However, even though seniors are almost done with their undergraduates career, a new struggle of beginning an actual career begins. You won’t notice their stress at first, but it will soon settle in and make itself apparent once spring semester comes around and graduation is just around the corner. The gag is you will probably never spot a senior on campus because they’ve gotten so comfortable with skipping classes. If you do happen to spot a senior on campus, expect them to be in full-on comfy clothing 24/7.

So for anyone confused about whether a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior is walking extremely slowly in front of you, refer back to these starter packs to make the best educated guess — odds are they’re a senior running on their last drops of effort.

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