Easy, breezy, affordable ways to decorate your room

Illustration of dorm room
Isabella Schreiber/File

Now that the hard part of moving into your brand new apartment or dorm is over, it’s time to start decorating! Being a college student means saving money where you can, and home decor is definitely one category where you don’t need to spend tons to have a nice, relaxing space to return to every day. Here are some easy and affordable ways you can spice up your home for the academic year.

Tapestries and posters

Cover up that drab wall with a boho tapestry, art print or poster of your favorite band. It’ll make it look as if you put a lot of effort into decorating your room when in reality you only spent a couple of minutes sticking thumbtacks in the wall. Plus, wall decor adds a personal touch to your home, truly making it a place of your own. Coming back to your apartment will feel much more comforting. It might not be your parents’ house, but it’s the next best thing!


Purchasing a plant is a true indicator of the transition into adulthood. You can even purchase faux ones if you’re not quite ready for all the responsibilities that come with being a plant owner. Place its pot on the corner of any table or desk to liven up the whole room. You might even find yourself developing a green thumb in the process.


Although carpet on carpet may sound taboo, having a rug adds a pleasing contrast for when you walk into your room. If there are dirt marks on your floor from previous tenants, a rug will do the trick. They’re soft, colorful and easy to clean – what more could you ask for from a household item?

Minimalist comforters

Replace mismatched and patterned sheets, comforters and blankets with a simple bedspread. Your bed is usually the focal point of your room (especially in your shoebox … we mean dorm room), so having a plain comforter really ties the rest of your room together. Simple bedding gives off a minimalist aesthetic that makes it appear as if you put a lot of thought into creating a chic and well put-together room.


Tired of losing everything you own or coming back home to a room with objects scattered everywhere? Invest in a bookshelf. Bookshelves are relatively inexpensive and make storing things incredibly easy, especially when most apartments won’t let you drill holes in the walls for shelves. You don’t have to be a bibliophile to purchase a bookshelf. You can use it to store everything from shoes to nonperishable food.

Redecorating doesn’t always have to be expensive and time-consuming. Follow these easy home decor tips and tricks to transform your place in a matter of minutes.

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