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What majors horror movie villains would have if they went to UC Berkeley

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2019

On the worst of days, going to UC Berkeley can seem like a horror movie. It makes a person wonder how horror movie characters would deal with our occasional real-life horrors. Chances are, they’d probably prefer it to their own movies. But, to get a peek into what their college experience would be like, here are the majors horror movie characters would have if they went to UC Berkeley.

Victor Frankenstein: Bioengineering

In the novel, Frankenstein went to college and specifically studied biology in an attempt to engineer new life. Although Frankenstein doesn’t go to college in the classic horror movie, chances are that he would still study in this field if he could. He might have some trouble hiding the body parts from his roommates as he constructs his creature, but other than that he’d fit in just fine.

Dracula: Archaeology

An ancient vampire would know a thing or two about ancient civilizations — specifically the ones he lived through. That, combined with some memory of where large battles took place — since he probably was Vlad the Impaler back in the day — means he’d have an easy time finding archaeological sites and understanding what comes out of them. Therefore, attending UC Berkeley as an archaeology graduate student would be a breeze for Dracula. The only issue he’d run into would be daytime digs. To combat this issue, he could wear long sleeves with a hat and parasol — problem solved. 

It (Pennywise): Theater and performance studies

It loves to transform and pretend to be a person’s greatest fear. As a theater and performance studies major, It will learn how to be a better actor and improviser, which sounds pretty ideal for It. The ability to transform into whatever character is needed will definitely help It land the best roles the major has to offer. 

Hannibal Lecter: Psychology

This cannibalistic serial killer was a psychologist as his day job. It’d make sense if he got his undergraduate degree at a prestigious university such as UC Berkeley. Even if he wasn’t a psychologist in the films, Hannibal likes to get inside a person’s head. There’s no better major to learn how to do that than psychology.

Jigsaw: Mechanical engineering

The Saw franchise is known for its complicated and deadly mechanical traps. Jigsaw creates these killer devices and sets them up. Most of the traps are mechanical in nature, so it’d make sense that he would choose mechanical engineering as his major. These classes would give him the knowledge he needs to build such devices, although he may be a little disappointed that the professors won’t help him with his reverse bear trap idea.

Hopefully, no one is using their UC Berkeley education to become a horror movie villain. While UC Berkeley is meant to be a university where students learn how to help make the world a better place, it’s still fun to think about what horror movie villains would major in if they had the chance. 

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SEPTEMBER 03, 2019