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Self-reflection for the new semester: September horoscopes

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SEPTEMBER 04, 2019

September horoscopes are here!!! As a reminder, we are currently in Virgo season until Sept. 22, so take this time to reorganize your thoughts and game plan going into the new semester. This is the perfect time to self-reflect on your growth and to get things done before the craze of midterm season. Redefine relationships and spend some much-needed time focusing on your goals. This Virgo season marks the start of new beginnings and opportunities for discovering key realizations. 


The 2019 Virgo season is promising great things for you. With the other planets entering Virgo, and the recent void moon in Virgo on the first of September, there is so much positivity and kind energy that is ready to guide and support you in your endeavors. It will be easier to adopt helpful habits. Productivity will seem more effortless and natural to you this month, so don’t be afraid to take some extra time to work on things that you struggle with. 


This month might be more emotionally taxing than it has been in previous months, so take the time you need to decompress and maybe step away from the situation. Use this time to unapologetically separate yourself from sources of anxiety and troubles, even if it means you can’t get things done. 


You are feeling very flirtatious this fall and this might mean a couple of things. You might find yourself being more willing to go on dates or put yourself out there in general. You may also be tempted to do things that you would otherwise avoid during the rest of the year, such as BOGO boba. In other words, your life is going to be a little more elevated in terms of money and relationships.


This self-growth season for you will be focused on mental health. This is the prime time to take care of your mind. You use it everyday to process lectures and a variety of conversations in between. 


You have worked really hard these past eight months. So take some time to treat yourself and see your hard work come to fruition. Working hard won’t be as hard for you this month, so enjoy this time to gear up for the coming months. 


Give yourself time and patience to achieve your goals this month. Don’t worry about the end goal. Rather, focus more on how you can make each day the best it can be. 


This is the time for you to heal from any wounds or misfortunes that may have come from this tumultuous summer. Know your boundaries and accept or exercise them when you see fit. 


Oooh Aries, your fiery spirit and drive will motivate you to start planning for midterms early and getting those URAP applications in! This is the best time for you to overcome major challenges related to your career. In terms of the realm of affections, you may be in for some spicy encounters, perhaps in Moffitt?


You might be feeling as though life has been sending you multiple reality checks in the mail. This Virgo season can help you get through the self-deliberation by providing you with a clear mind. Listen to your instincts and acknowledge your feelings of skepticism towards others. Communicate your thoughts and talk yourself through your observations. Rest assured, whatever decisions you end up reaching by October will be well-informed.


Your airy personality may come in handy during times of creative drought, but be mindful of how long you let your mind wander this month. You might be noticing more opportunities to get distracted, but like this precious time to get your life together, they are temporary. If you feel burnt out sooner than you expect, take some time just for you and recenter yourself. You might find that cutting your commitments will also help you succeed in the things you are most eager to succeed in. 


This past summer has been super memorable and wonderful for you. As you take your next steps and secure your bearings into this semester, you can’t help but fall into spells of daydreaming and wishing you were with your old mates. The song “September” will most likely make its way into your fall study playlist somewhere. This Virgo season won’t let you fall behind in that difficult class you signed up for last minute, but if you feel a bit more tired than usual, just know it’s probably because you’re dealing with some feels.


This month, you will channel the hype of last month into pure energy to boost you through the initial mind block that comes with the return of the semester. If you find yourself needing to review for a class, you won’t leave any time to talk yourself out of it. Your mantra this month is to get things done as soon as they pop into your head. This might mean you may have to sacrifice a few Welcome Week events, but knowing your ability to fight for whatever you want, you will definitely find time to share your light in the breaths you take between flipping through the pages of textbooks. 

Remember Bears, being busy can be a great thing, but don’t forget to take some time to reflect on what you’re grateful for and who you enjoy spending time with so that you can power through the days that seem never-ending.

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SEPTEMBER 04, 2019