The Clog’s back-to-school guide for a new semester

Pariswi Tewari/Staff

Welcome to the new school year!

Each fall presents us with a chance at a clean slate and a host of new opportunities. Here are a few tips from the Clog on how to make a smooth transition into the new academic year.


Whether you swear by a financial planning app or prefer to go old school by writing everything down, budgeting is an essential college tool and a valuable life skill. Keep track of your expenses each month by itemizing your purchases and organizing your receipts, in order to monitor how much money you’re spending and where it’s all going. Trust us, we think you’ll be surprised! To avoid hoarding receipts, clear them out each month and start fresh.

Meal prepping

We’re here to help guide you through your resolution to finally start cooking this year. Many people start meal prepping, but fall off when they get bored of eating the same three meals or start getting busy with classes. We suggest looking up recipes and pictures of food online and making grocery lists around those meals for variety and strategic planning. Also, in a real time crunch (such as midterm season) it’s helpful to buy items like pre-cut veggies to help shave time off of meal prepping.

Planning ahead

This sounds awfully easy, but can often be difficult to execute. Incorporate planning into your daily routine in little ways, such as packing your bag the night before, filling your water bottle ahead of time and making a to-do list for the next day. These are all little ways in which you can simplify your life and stay organized, which eliminates that morning panic when you find out you overslept (it’s OK we’ve all been there).

You can also plan long-term by marking important dates on a desk calendar. We’ve found that this really comes in handy for textbook rental due dates, scheduling flights, and keeping track of assignments and midterms!

Reaching out

Whether this means venting to a friend, calling your mom or scheduling an appointment at the Tang Center, it is always good to talk to other people when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. We sometimes take our support systems for granted, so make sure to utilize the resources available to you in order to improve your mental health and acuity! It is very important to prioritize your health and happiness.

While these may all seem like relatively simple solutions, each can simplify your daily life and make a meaningful impact on your college experience if you utilize them effectively. We hope these tips have been helpful to you! From all of us here at the Clog, have a great school year!

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