UC Berkeley ranked best US public engineering college

Lily Hu/File

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The UC Berkeley College of Engineering was ranked the number one public engineering college in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, as well as the third best engineering college overall.

UC Berkeley recaptured a position in the U.S. News & World Report rankings after being temporarily removed from consideration for misreporting alumni donations.

Chanan Walia, a fourth-year student studying computer science, said the engineering courses push students to understand concepts and apply them in real world environments. Walia added he is “incredibly grateful” to be a part of the computer science program and glad the engineering program is being recognized. 

“The work is no joke,” Walia said. “But it pays off and builds in students a certain level of grit that serves as an incredible asset in the real world.”

Walia added that he has spent the past five summers interning at companies, including Facebook and Slack, and has always felt prepared for the challenges he meets at work, thanks to the engineering program.

Tsu-Jae King Liu, dean of engineering at UC Berkeley, said in an email that the rankings reflect the “exceptional education at a great value” that UC Berkeley provides. She said the engineering college consistently ranks well among schools and colleges of engineering nationwide.

“What helps to distinguish us is that we are an integral part of a comprehensive university with a strong commitment to advancing societal good,” Liu said in the email. “We strive to shape our globally interconnected world to become more inclusive and equitable, and it is this Berkeley ethos that attracts so many students, faculty and staff to join our mission.”

Selma Muminovic, a fourth-year student studying electrical engineering and computer sciences, said UC Berkeley’s ranking “catches the eyes of some recruiters and companies.” She added, however, that she would like to see more diversity and inclusion in the engineering college.

Although the college has improved the diversity and gender balance of its student body, 28.6 percent of engineering students are women.

“Inclusion and diversity are crucial in any field, but engineering in particular is rooted in problem-solving,” Muminovic said. “Bringing diverse backgrounds to the table benefits everyone involved on the planning and execution side of things, as well as for users.”

Muminovic, who wants to work in the animation industry and spent the summer as an animation technology intern at Paramount Pictures, added that while the rankings may be of interest to employers, the desirability of the candidate is what matters most.

“At the end of the day, I think your work speaks for itself, and your desirability as a candidate and employee are something you have to prove,” Muminovic said.

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