Hit the books: Best places to study this fall semester

Aren Saunders Gonzalez/File

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The weather’s getting cooler and the sun’s starting to set earlier. September has begun and the semester has started. Fall is officially here! With thousands of students sharing the campus, it can be difficult to find a space to study. If you’re struggling to find a location to get some work done, here are some of the best places to study this fall semester.

Caffè Strada

Located right across the street from campus, Caffè Strada is absolutely stunning during the fall. If the confining atmosphere of Main Stacks isn’t for you, the outdoor patio of Caffè Strada will be! You can feel the amazing breeze while finishing up your essay, and you can enjoy watching people buzz by while you finish your reading. Plus, you can snack on some yummy pastries and coffee while you finish your work.

Student Learning Center

Not only does the Student Learning Center, or SLC, have a great study space, it also has many tutors who are willing to help you if you’re struggling with your work. It’s best to get into the habit of using the services available at the SLC as early as you can. Some of the services require you to make appointments beforehand, so keep that in mind!

Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library

The music library is the best during the fall because of the large windows that surround the entire study space. It has a very quiet atmosphere like Main Stacks, but it isn’t as suffocating. The natural sunlight makes the space beautiful and the air breathable. Bonus: You can look outside if your eyes need a break from all the screens and readings.

Your Room

Honestly, your room is the best. There are snacks in your refrigerator and you don’t have to constantly worry about your belongings getting stolen. Everything you need is right there. If you need to take a quick break during your studies, your bed is readily available — although this may not be a good thing for some people. You’re paying for rent so you might as well utilize the space you already have access to!

Everybody has a different preference for their study locations. Some people like absolute silence while others can’t stand it. Some people like being indoors while others enjoy being outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a place to study on or off campus, know that there are a variety of spaces available for you to hit the books. Be sure to try them out and see what works best for you!

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