Playlist: When the 1st full week gets tough, the tough listen to music

Emily Bi/Staff

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It’s hard to believe, but this week is our first full week of classes. Considering how behind we already are, it feels like we’ve been back at UC Berkeley for ages. Cue that person in your discussion complaining that they took summer classes, so they never really got a break. We at the Clog sympathize and curated a playlist for you to listen to as you pretend to do your readings or break into a sweat walking across campus.

“Going Gets Tough” – The Growlers

This song checks all the boxes: It’s both #angsty and #uplifting. It’s perfect to listen to while on the daily #grind at UC Berkeley.


Another #grind-oriented song with an iconic line that anyone who has ever been talked down to in class can relate to: “Don’t call me stupid, that ain’t the way my name pronounced.”

“Julia” – Mt. Joy

A lovely, easy listening song ideal to listen to while studying or contemplating life.

“So Good Looking” – The Kooks

The Kooks have done it again with a song that both sympathizes with our #struggle and reminds us of happier times when we’re #sad and #stressed.

“Do you Remember” – Chance the Rapper

This Chance the Rapper song that weirdly features Death Cab for Cutie brings on the end-of-summer feels and the horror of #growingup feelings that are very relatable during this back-to-school season.

“It’s Kind of Funny” – Jack Symes

Now that we’re back at UC Berkeley, so is our insomnia – and our melatonin addiction. UC Berkeley grad Jack Symes gets it with lyrics like, “My piece of candy for sleepytime”!

“We like to Party! (Six Flags)” – Vengaboys

It’s the beginning of the semester and you’re probably already losing your mind. We’d say that this is hands down the best song to do it to!

Enjoy this week and the next 13!

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