Notes from the peanut gallery: Where to go on National Peanut Day

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With National Peanut Day here, you know you’ve got to celebrate. Whether you’re allergic or just a giant fan, peanuts are a part of your life. If you are allergic, however, we at the Clog suspect that this post might not be the one for you — unless you want to know which spots to avoid for the sake of your health. Here’s to satisfying that peanut craving you’re bound to have on National Peanut Day.


With their peanut butter cookies as well as their peanut-flavored ice cream, CREAM is the obvious choice. Grab some ice cream to celebrate the end of another school week, and for a greater (and nuttier) cause. Or if you don’t want either of those options, CREAM has a variety of other flavors you can just put a peanut topping on.

Imm Thai Street Food 

If you’re not feeling particularly sweet, however, and just want some heartwarming soul food — Imm Thai Street Food’s got your back. While they have excellent Thai curries and Tom Yum soup, they also do a mean Pad Thai. Sweet and salty, the noodles are the perfect accompaniments to make a stressful week (or an unlucky Friday the 13th) that much better, and to close off another National Peanut Day.

Vitality Bowls

Alternatively, Vitality Bowls is the place to go if you want something fresh and healthy. Their bowls perfectly mix the flavors of nuts and berries, toning down that overpowering peanut mouthfeel with fruit. Sweet and smooth, the açai bowl brings PB&J to another level, swapping out the chunky and heavy bread for a joyful explosion of flavors.

Humphry Slocombe

Yes, more ice cream. After all, you can never have enough of it in your life. If you thought CREAM had several options, Humphry Slocombe takes it to another level with peanut-flavored ice cream, sundaes and other “fabulous things.” If you don’t know how to satiate your craving for the most popular nut around, Humphry Slocombe might make you even more confused. At the end of the day, however, this ice cream parlor will bring a whole new dimension to your peanut experience thus far.

Tharaphu Burmese Street Food

For the ideal combination of health and that joyful Asian flavor, check Tharaphu Burmese Street Food out for their tea leaf salad. With a heartwarming myriad of garlic, chili and lime to complement the peanuts on top, the Burmese really know how to knock it out of the park when it comes to this simple ingredient. Or, if you want something warm to cheer you up, the restaurant also has a Shan noodle soup that can meet the peanut quota for the day.

From sweet to savory, we at the Clog think that there’s something for everyone on this list. Have a happy Peanut Day, and a lucky Friday the 13th!

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