Star Girl: A poem

Pixabay/Creative Commons

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Star girl strings

her table with lights,

tapes wire to wall,             

spells her name in neon blue.

The roof is above her

instead of the sky,

but stars glitter, gleam

and litter her room.


Star girl takes 

an astronomy class,

she drops it days later               

at the science alone.

She feels fake, out of place,

fears she can’t even pass.

Still, the stars wake.

She looks up and sees home.


Star girl stays

in her light-littered room,

drawn in by its warmth,

a moth to the bright.

The sky outside chokes

on polluted gray gloom.

What keeps her close to the night

also keeps it away.


Star girl is old

but new to being alone.

That astronomy class

teaches her one thing —

we are all made of star stuff

and she’s closer to home

in this ill-fitting world

than she might ever think.

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