Buildings your junior media studies friend still does not know

Zainab Ali/File

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How many times have you texted your media studies friend to meet you somewhere on campus and they respond: I literally dont know where that is.? For us at the Clog, it feels like a daily occurrence. It leaves us wondering if media studies majors even have classes, or if their classes are just all concentrated in wacky buildings like the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, or BAMPFA? Next time you hear Google Maps talking out of someones pocket, feel free to assume that they are a media studies major. We have taken it upon ourselves to collect the data and create a comprehensive list of buildings your junior year media studies friend still has never heard of and cant identify on campus.


This hub of mechanical, nuclear and industrial engineering is shockingly a mystery to media studies majors. We have to give them some credit, though, because its really a crime to have to go to class north of Hearst Avenue.

Bechtel Engineering Center

Media studies majors: this is the ever-mysterious engineering library. Stay woke.

North Gate

Northside strikes again, baffling media studies majors everywhere! Surprisingly, the building that houses the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism makes the cut. Isnt media studies in the same vein as journalism? No one has ever explained it to us. Do media studies majors even know?


OK, lets be honest, even we dont know where Cory Hall is. Update: we checked the handy dandy campus map and it houses electrical engineering and computer science. No wonder!


Moses Hall is the philosophy building, nestled between Stephens Hall and Anthony Hall. Ha! Bet those two buildings dont help you locate it at all. For reference, its next to the building that holds the extremely hard-to-find study abroad offices.

South Hall

Wait! This is just in: our local junior year media studies major just discovered South Hall because of the café in it! She was disappointed to learn that the building’s name was just South Hall.

The entire College of Chemistry 

Pimentel who? Latimer what? This roughly seven-building portion of campus has yet to be discovered by media studies majors. So, next time your media studies friend asks you where Lewis is, don’t respond with the College of Chemistry because that means nothing to them.

Don’t fear, there are a few STEM-y buildings media studies majors do know — namely Stanley Hall and Sutardja Dai Hall, as they have Yali’s Café in them! Media studies majors, if you’re reading this, consider this a lesson, and thank you for entertaining us with your lack of campus knowledge.


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