How to survive your 1st fall semester at UC Berkeley

Illustration of fall leaves and a Cal flag

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I like to think that Berkeley only has two seasons: fall and spring. Sure, we might be experiencing a rare few weeks of undiluted sunlight, but most of the time the weather is stuck in a sort of limbo, where it’s not too hot or too cold and appears as if the ever-present fog will never dissipate. In celebration of the upcoming fall season (which will arguably last until late March!), we at the Clog have compiled a list of tips and tricks for those freshmen and incoming transfer students who are soon to experience their very first fall at UC Berkeley.

Tea is your best friend.

Whether you prefer coffee, chai or even a simple cup of hot water with lemon, make a habit of taking a thermos with you on those dreaded early morning classes. This hot beverage will help warm your hands on the walk through the fog and also provide a great pick-me-up, so you can start tackling those more difficult subjects.

Make a stop at Trader Joe’s for an affordable fall fare. 

Trader Joe’s is notorious for offering great items at low prices, so make sure to stock up on all its seasonal offerings! Place one of those cinnamon brooms in your room to fill it with the scent of fall, pick up some pumpkin spice treats and make sure to try the microwaveable pumpkin mac and cheese (bonus: It’s dorm-friendly)!

Warm up with a free class at the Recreational Sports Facility.

The Recreational Sports Facility is accessible to all students at UC Berkeley and offers tons of free daily fitness classes — try out a couple and find your favorites! One of our personal favorites is the evening yoga class; after a long day of studying, it’s always comforting to get out of the cold and do some stretches before crawling into bed.

Go in search of some sun at the Fire Trails.

Take a trip to Clark Kerr Campus and explore one of its many hiking trails! Legend says that on certain days, the fog will clear and the views will show the Bay Area in all of its glory.

We hope you enjoyed this quick list of tips and tricks to enjoy your first fall at UC Berkeley to its fullest! 

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