Is it a Thai? Berkeley Southside Thai restaurants you can’t miss

Leonie Leonida/File

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I was walking to campus from my apartment the other day and noticed that every 0.2 miles, I passed by a Thai restaurant or a boba shop — I’m not exaggerating. From Racha Café to Thai Noodle II, there are so many Thai restaurants you can choose from on Southside. Here is the Clog’s list of Southside Thai restaurants you shouldn’t miss during your time here in Berkeley.

1. Racha Café

2516 Telegraph Avenue

Racha Café has to be one of our favorite Thai restaurants not only on Southside, but in Berkeley. With its spacious area and delicious food, Racha’s is the perfect place to host your gatherings with friends and family. The pad kee mao is to die for, and the curries over rice are a definite must. The serving size is pretty generous, and everything is reasonably priced — perfect for college students!

2. Thai Basil 

2519 Durant Avenue F

Ah, the famous Thai Basil. Located in the center of Asian Ghetto, Thai Basil is one of the most popular Thai restaurants among UC Berkeley students. The portions are large; the food is cheap, fast, delicious and extremely close to the residence halls; and it closes right before midnight. These components make the restaurant very appealing to freshmen. The amount of times I ate here during my freshman year is not OK. Inside seating is limited, but there is extra seating outside. Unfortunately, like many of the restaurants in Asian Ghetto, Thai Basil is cash only. So come prepared! 

3. Berkeley Thai House 

2511 Channing Way

Berkeley Thai House has the best deals. You can order a combo which includes an entree, appetizer, drink and even a small salad for less than $15. That’s probably the best deal we’ve ever seen at a Thai restaurant, considering an entree itself averages around $10-$13. Our go-to order is pad thai with fried tofu and Thai iced tea. Mmmm our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

4. Thai Noodle ΙΙ

2426 Telegraph Avenue

We would say Thai Noodle II is best known for its fried chicken over fried rice. The fried chicken is cooked just perfectly crispy on the outside and warm and juicy on the inside, accompanying the fried rice beautifully. The pad see ew and various curry dishes are highly raved about as well. Space is pretty limited, and it can get busy toward the evening, especially on Fridays and weekends. 

We at the Clog love Thai food. Which is why we’re definitely not upset that there are so many delicious Thai restaurants surrounding us. All the Thai restaurants on Southside are known for something different, so we highly recommend that you check out all of them if you have the chance! 

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