Becoming Oski: A career path

You’re lying if you say you’ve never thought about what it would be like to be our beloved mascot. For this career fair special issue, we want to expand more on different career paths. A career path that is never really addressed or talked about is the path toward becoming Oski. We’re here to help out anyone who thinks that this may be what they want to do in life. So, how do you get on the career path to becoming the one and only Oski?

Loving everything about UC Berkeley

If you want to be our favorite Golden Bear then it only makes sense that you should love every aspect of the school you’re representing. We know that this may be difficult as UC Berkeley is just a rough place to be a student at. Although, pushing through this to see the true beauty of 8 a.m. classes, being drowned in flyers on Upper Sproul Plaza, and walking up and down hills every day to get to class is what makes a person the perfect fit to be Oski. Have you ever seen that smile leave Oski’s face? Of course not! It’s because Oski lives, loves and breathes all the beauty of UC Berkeley and doesn’t see anything ugly about our school. 

Being the life of every party

Being Oski is more than just putting on a costume, it’s a way of life. To be Oski is to appeal to an audience of college students. As a school with a lively party atmosphere, you need to learn to get down with your fellow Bears. Along with this, you have to make your presence known at these parties. When Oski walks, or rather skips, into a room, they are always the life of the party.

Getting along with children

Although Oski needs to appeal to our student body, it’s also important to note that Oski should be extremely kid-friendly. Yes, as college students, we see Oski as an odd, even creepy, mascot. In the eyes of the youth, however, Oski is seen as a cuddly fun-loving bear. To be Oski, you must know how to get children excited about becoming Golden Bears in the future. Oski doesn’t talk or really show emotion, but being approachable to kids through body language and overall essence is a must.

Perfecting the combination of skipping and walking

To prepare for this, start skip-walking to your classes. Oski is always seen wandering around in this fashion, and they never seem to get tired of it! To up the skip-walk technique, try going to the Recreational Sports Facility and practicing on a treadmill. We must say that perfecting this skip-walk is going to take the most time out of all these steps when trying to become Oski. Once you get this down, however, you are basically almost done on your path to becoming Oski.

Be sneaky

Odds are that you’ve probably been snuck up on or surprised by Oski. Even though you should be the main presence in a room, you should never be noticed coming and going from places. Learning to be sneaky and how to get from one place to another in the quietest and slightest way is crucial! 

Get used to being extremely hot and sweaty

Being trapped and confined within Oski can lead to extreme heat and sweat. Yet, you never see this bothering Oski. Learning to be in extreme heat conditions is key to keeping up Oski’s facade. You must learn to not let the heat bother you and how to stay in character while soaked in your own sweat. 

As you can see by now, choosing to be Oski as a career faces more challenges than one may think. There are so many elements involved that even the toughest people may find that they’re not up for the job. Once you complete all of these steps, you can basically change your legal name to Oski. These are, truly, the things that you must learn and overcome to become the face of UC Berkeley. 

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