Editors’ Note: Bears on the Hunt

As college students, the most existential question in our lives is what we’re going to do after graduation. Grad school? Straight into the job market? Traveling? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in this. The Career Fair is an event to help you take the first step into figuring out what you will become once you leave UC Berkeley. 

The Career Fair will be held from Tuesday, Sept. 17 to Thursday, Sept. 19 with the first day being dedicated to business and public service opportunities and the last two days geared toward STEM opportunities. With hundreds of companies and their representatives there for three days, we think you might find the perfect match! This Career Fair is also catered to UC Berkeley students and alumni, so make sure to bring your school ID.

We want to give you some peace of mind. Read about what to wear to an interview depending on your career field, how to survive in a cubicle and more! 

Let’s show these companies that we Bears are on the hunt and ready to get down to business! 

Joyce Cam and Sakura Cannestra are the special issues editor and managing editor.