Hip-hop’s brightest stars: Which rapper shares your astrological sign?

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Finding a common ground between rappers and astrological signs may seem like we’re shooting for the stars, but they have more in common than you might think — it looks like millennials aren’t the only ones who love their astrology. Not only do hip-hop artists profusely make astrology references in their song lyrics, but they also share some archetypal qualities with their own signs. We are well aware that relying solely on your astrology predictions can feed into what psychology has coined the Barnum effect. This concept occurs in astrology when you think a description of your personality is very accurate, yet the description is in fact quite vague and applicable to many. There’s no denying, however, a little bit of good ol’ fashion fun here and there. If you’ve ever wondered what characteristics lie in your sign or what star you share a star sign with, we’ve got you covered with the following comprehensive list:

Capricorn – Mac Miller

Capricorns are ambitious, which is evident in Mac Miller’s work. The Pittsburgh native started rapping at 14 years of age and began taking the craft more seriously when he was only 15 years old. He was also a self-taught musician, skilled in playing guitar, piano, drums and bass. Did we mention he was only six when he learned to play these?

Aquarius – J. Cole

Aquarius is the most humanitarian of the signs. J. Cole founded the Dreamville Foundation in 2013 with the goal of providing school supplies to children, as well as starting a book club in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. He also bought his childhood home, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, with the intention of making it a residence for struggling families to live in.

Pisces – Tyler, the Creator

Pisces are imaginative beings who are intrinsically creative. Tyler, the Creator is all about artistic expression and experimentation, with each of his albums having their own unique flair, displaying a great degree of musical development. His maturation from Odd Future to his solo projects, such as Flower Boy and Igor, is impossible to ignore.

Aries – Big Sean

Aries love to go big or go home, which is indicative of this rapper’s stage name, Big Sean. They’re bold and honest — you really can’t get more honest than having a song titled, “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Taurus – Travis Scott

Tauruses are known for being devoted and dependable, as well as patient and practical. Travis Scott adopts a rager lifestyle for his eccentric performances, but his private life as a new father exudes patience and devotion. We also can’t forget to comment on how devoted he is towards his work. Scott has undoubtedly had one of the biggest successes for an artist this year with Astroworld,” a Nike sneaker collaboration, a Netflix documentary and a Grammy nomination.

Gemini – Kanye West

Geminis are extolled for being adaptive, which Kanye West demonstrates effortlessly through his ability to channel new artistic styles with the release of every album. However, Geminis can also be highly indecisive. West’s Twitter page is sufficient enough to prove this point.

Cancer – 50 Cent

Cancers are intense yet compassionate, which are the two central styles in 50 Cent’s lyrics. Although the rapper may be known for his notorious gangster-style rap that is tough and abrasive, 50 Cent can also evince a softer side in some of his songs, such as “21 Questions”.

Leo – Lil Uzi Vert

Leos possess intrinsic bravery, like lions. Lil Uzi Vert presents a different sound and style to the rap game, embodying a Leo’s true qualities of fearlessness.

Virgo – 2 Chainz

Virgos are humble, practical individuals who have a particular fondness for animals. The latter is a key descriptor of 2 Chainz, who takes his French bulldog, Trappy, with him everywhere he goes.

Libra – A$AP Rocky

Libras are the most balanced and aesthetic of all the astrological signs, which is fitting for the fashion god himself, A$AP Rocky. While most rappers vie for the title of greatest rapper alive, Rocky is content with being the most fashionable in the industry and staying out of the hip-hop combativeness. You can’t follow any fashion week without thinking about which shows Rocky is attending, or more importantly, what trends he’s creating.

Scorpio – Drake

Drake’s affinity for collaborating with new rappers shows his resourcefulness as he continues to make hit after hit thanks to an implicit understanding of audiences’ constantly changing musical tastes. He sure is passionate, which comes out in his R&B-style tracks. Scorpios are also known for their secretive side.

Sagittarius – Jay-Z

Sagittarius signs are known for their admirable generosity. One rapper who displays acts of generosity time and time again is Jay-Z. Once having racked up a tab of $80,000 at a bar, the Brooklyn-raised rapper made a charitable tip of $11,000. He also founded the Shawn Carter Foundation to provide scholarships for disadvantaged communities.

You may not be 100 percent compatible with your astrology signs, but it’s written in the stars for these rappers.

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