Let’s go on an adventure: Best places to have your club retreat

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The info sessions have occurred and the rushing processes have started. Some student organizations have already completed the application process and are ready to welcome new members. The best way for new members to bond with the current active members is to attend the organization’s retreat, which is the primary goal of these weekend-long events. If you’re part of one of the clubs actively searching on Airbnb and Vrbo, here are some of the best areas to visit for your club’s weekend retreat! 

Yosemite National Park

UC Berkeley students are lucky that they’re within driving distance to this unique and impressive nature getaway — it’ll truly be an unforgettable experience to visit this spot with your new club members. With fun activities such as hiking, sightseeing and camping, Yosemite offers a great way to create a fun and close-knit environment with your club members. 

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that lies on the border between California and Nevada. It’s most famous for its ski resorts and beaches, but the Airbnbs are worth visiting too. With the crystal clear water and never-ending list of water-related activities, this place is a no-brainer! 

Boulder Creek

Way up in the mountains, Boulder Creek is a relatively isolated spot, which will give you and your club privacy and space. The cabins and other homes are beautifully structured, giving Boulder Creek a distinctive atmosphere. There’s also a creek where you can dunk your friends in, which will be a lot of fun for those doing the dunking — not for those who are being dunked. The drive there is a bit winding, so be aware before heading there!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is known for its beautiful beaches. If you decide to have your retreat in Santa Cruz, you have to stop by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. There are fun vintage rides, such as the Looff Carousel from 1911 and the Giant Dipper roller coaster from 1924. It’s a huge tourist attraction, aka there’ll be something for everyone in your club. Pick anything and you’ll be sure to have fun!

Now that the fall semester has officially started and recruitment has begun, search these areas for the best Airbnbs. Have fun and stay safe!

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