Quiz: Should you wait in line for the Dwinelle bathroom or suffer?

Sunny Shen/Staff

We at the Clog know approximately seven bathrooms on campus, one of those being the downstairs bathroom in Dwinelle Hall. Is there another bathroom in Dwinelle? We need answers. Apparently, the downstairs Dwinelle bathroom is also popular for everyone else on campus. Every time we sprint down the stairs in a panic, unsure if we chose the right stairs to get to the bathroom, of course there is a line out the door. Then we are forced to grapple with one of the hardest decisions at UC Berkeley: should we wait in line or hold it? We at the Clog seek to help you answer that question in this comprehensive quiz.

  1. What brings you to the haunted halls of Dwinelle?
    1. I have been lost in Dwinelle for three months.
    2. The worst type of class at UC Berkeley: a two hour discussion.
    3. I am going to my GSI’s office hours (read: wandering around Dwinelle looking for the GSI’s office, then giving up and going home).
    4. Lecture.
  2. How long is the line?
    1. 30-50 feral hogs long.
    2. One person out the door.
    3. There is no line, I am already on the toilet taking this quiz!
    4. I still haven’t even found the bathroom.
  3. How badly do you need to go?
    1. The bathroom is more of a hangout spot for me than anything else.
    2. I’m GOING TO BURST any second. I drank an entire Hydroflask full of water :/ …
    3. I am just trying to fill this awkward break in my schedule by standing in line.
    4. Pretty freaking badly!
  4. What are the consequences of not going right now?
    1. Uh, I pee later?
    2. I literally will be unable to move my body in my next class without the risk of peeing myself.
    3. My hot GSI will make a joke and I will pee myself. #quirky #perfect
    4. I’ll probably get another UTI.
    1. Don’t wait, it’s not worth it. Use going to the bathroom as an excuse to leave your next class.
    2. Wait. Peeing yourself on campus is way worse than being late to discussion. Freshmen take notes.
    3. It’s up to you! Your dilemma is too hard for us to solve for you.
    4. Don’t wait and make a name for yourself by peeing yourself in discussion! Go big or go home.


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