Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate’s life for me

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The life and history of pirates are both romanticized. The fun adventure bits are highlighted while the murder, pillaging and other terrible crimes are ignored. That isn’t to say there’s no value in those romanticized stories — it’s the fantasy of escaping the rules of the world and charting your own path. It’s also fun to talk like a silly pirate. So in honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, here are some life lessons you can take from those pirate stories.

Always explore new waters

A pirate’s life is about travel and adventure. Although they may have their favorite waters, they still look for new places to plunder. In your life, you have to find new waters, also known as new experiences, to take advantage of. You may not know what’s in store, like a pirate entering a new area, but you won’t get far if you stick to what you know. Take the adventure — it might lead you to something fun or a new opportunity, the closest things we have to discovering a buried treasure chest.

Life’s easier with a good crew around you

No pirate captain could sail a ship alone. They need a crew they trust to have their back in sailing or fighting against other ships. Make sure that you have a crew as well. Build yourself a group of friends that you trust to help you along. You won’t be any less of an amazing person if you get some help. Sometimes tasks, like sailing a boat or studying for a class, are only possible with a good group helping you along.

Scurvy’s no joke

The scourge of pirates can also be the scourge of your semester if you aren’t careful. Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency with some nasty side effects. It can debilitate a pirate and student alike. Luckily, there’s an easy way to avoid it. Eat or drink citrus fruits, like oranges and limes, every so often and you’ll be good.

Life’s always an adventure 

The life of a pirate can be an appealing fantasy. It’s a life of constant action, twists, fun characters and great rewards for harrowing trials. This is also a good description of life as a UC Berkeley student. You’ll meet interesting people, have plenty of tests and will always have something new to deal with. Your life is an adventure. There may be times when things might seem too tough, but you’ll get to the other side and hopefully, the reward will be worth it.

Hopefully this list will help you navigate the turbulent waters of a semester at UC Berkeley. If not, then maybe it at least convinced you to talk like a pirate September 19th. Maybe it’ll help you glean even more pirate wisdom for your normal landlocked life.

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