Let’s Netflix and chill: Best Netflix shows out right now


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The ideal night for many college students consists of watching Netflix while eating junk food. It’s probably one of the most popular, and arguably the least costly, stress relievers. Although eating junk is not healthy for you, here are some of the best Netflix shows that’ll enrich your minds while still providing some quality entertainment. 

“The Good Place,” season three

“The Good Place” deals with the extremely difficult philosophical dilemmas that each of us face every day. Why do we try to be good? If we knew whether there was a good place or a bad place after death, would we alter our behaviors? Starring Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper, “The Good Place” answers these questions through the lives of the four main characters. The show is absolutely amazing and weirdly logical. Netflix finally released the third season not too long ago, so make sure to check it out!

“Workin’ Moms,” season three

A Canadian show created by Catherine Reitman, “Workin’ Moms” helps us understand the hardships pregnant women and moms go through every day. The difficulties of finding and maintaining jobs while raising your kids, the hardships of keeping your relationship and marriage healthy — these are problems that characters of “Workin’ Moms” constantly face throughout the show, and it’s truly eye-opening.

“The Great British Baking Show,” season seven

We all love a classic cook-off survival program, which is why “The Great British Baking Show” has been able to air for so long. It’s even better because we can see all the delicious, artistic and beautiful cakes and pastries being made every episode. Netflix just released season seven, and it’s still widely popular with viewers. That says something!

“The Mind, Explained” 

“The Mind, Explained” is a short series that explains the mechanisms of our mind and the reasons behind why we think a certain way. Through its 20-minute episodes, “The Mind, Explained” covers topics from memory to anxiety to psychedelics. Short and concise, it’s truly the type of media that’s targeted towards a younger audience.

We understand that the semester can be challenging. Don’t think you’re wasting your time when watching these Netflix shows because each show is uniquely enriching to the mind and soul. Give these shows a chance and relieve your stress!

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