The Clog’s power ranking of chai lattes in Berkeley

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Believe it or not, readers, Sept. 21 is Americas favorite holiday: National Chai Day. Sorority girls, moms and that one friend who loves to remind everyone that chai tea is a stupid name because chai means tea, unite! We at the Clog have decided to take time out of our day to make your National Chai Day all the better. We have ranked all the chai lattes in Berkeley we could think of. Read it and weep, chai lovers.

5. Caffè Strada

We dont know if youve heard of this underground outdoor coffee shop but we highly recommend it. But not for the taste of the chai latte. The chai lattes at Strada are heavy on the sugar, water and convenience, but light on the quality of the chai.

4. Cafe Milano

Cafe Milano serves the sweetest chai we have ever tried. It beats all other Berkeley chai in sweetness and only sweetness. Might as well just eat a couple of sugar cubes.

3. Sacks Coffee House

The chai at Sacks is very good! But are we beginning to feel like all chai lattes in Berkeley taste the same? SOS!

2. Yalis Café

Yalis chai lattes do the trick because they are just the right amount of sweet and spicy for our taste. We should rank the chai at the different Yalis locations, but that would take way too long. We swear they taste different!

1. Cafe Blue Door

The chai at Cafe Blue Door is both nutty and sweet, and there is the added bonus of lots of athletes nearby. You might spot an Olympian! Shoutout to Cafe Blue Door for the best chai and for being across the street from the RSF!

There you have it, readers, our power ranking of chai lattes around campus. Whether youre on your way to class, need a place to study or are just craving a chai latte, we hope you stop by one of these places to celebrate National Chai Day with a cup!

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