Ax-throwing establishment AxeVentures opens on Southside

Daniela Cervantes/Senior Staff

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Berkeley residents can relieve stress at AxeVentures through a unique opportunity: urban ax throwing.

According to manager Bianca Hampton, AxeVentures opened in Berkeley in March. Located at 2566 Telegraph Ave., customers can reserve 90 minutes to throw axes at a wooden target in one of the several lanes AxeVentures offers. AxeVentures found its home in Berkeley because of the lack of axe throwing opportunities in the East Bay, Hampton said. Other AxeVentures locations are in Nashville, San Diego and Oceanside, California.

While throwing axes may seem dangerous, most of the injuries customers sustain at this business are a result of splinters from the targets, rather than injuries resulting from the axes themselves, according to Hampton.

“If you’re being safe and following the directions, it’s really safe and it’s a good way to relieve some stress,” Hampton said. “You shouldn’t be afraid to try it.”

The axes used are tomahawks, which have a blade on one side of the ax and a spike on the other side of the ax.

According to Hampton, very few people leave without hitting the target. Ax throwing is open to customers under the age of 18 with parental permission. Hampton added that the business sees all types of people come in, regardless of age and gender.

Canadian newlyweds Patrick Olson and Lauren Brown came to Berkeley for their honeymoon. When they were walking around Berkeley, they decided on the spur of the moment to go inside and throw axes at AxeVentures. Olson said he had a bit of experience throwing axes whereas Brown had only participated in the sport once.

“It’s fun,” Olson said. “It’s a good way to let out any negativity in a way that isn’t harmful or dangerous to anyone else … The axe does most of the work, so you just throw it and the weight of it handles the rotation.”

Customers can sign up for 90 minutes of throwing for $30 per person. According to their website, AxeVentures accepts walk-ins but prefers customers reserve their spots online.

AxeVentures is open every day and a full schedule of hours can be found on their website.

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