‘Ight, Imma Head Out’ moments at UC Berkeley

Illustration of Oski with text "Ight Imma head out"
Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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As meme culture evolves at UC Berkeley, we find new ways of expressing the most complex of emotions through internet humor. One of which is “ight, imma head out,” in the form of a “SpongeBob SquarePants” screencap. We’re sure that all you UC Berkeley students can relate to this feeling, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common cases. Enjoy!

  1. Classes aren’t mandatory/are webcasted.
  2. The office hours queue is over five hours long.
  3. Your “easy” class starts becoming a lot of work.
  4. You found a worm in your dining hall food.
  5. The professor says the class isn’t curved.
  6. Your roommate blasts music you cannot stand and you have a midterm tomorrow.
  7. The 51B is delayed by 30 minutes.
  8. All the machines are taken in the RSF and you decided to exercise for the first time since you have come to UC Berkeley.
  9. The line for boba is too long.
  10. They ran out of boba at Yifang.
  11. Your group of friends starts roasting you for absolutely no reason.
  12. Mandatory discussion for a pre-req class is on Northside, and you live on Channing Way.
  13. You have an assignment due at 11:59 p.m., and you turn it in at 11:59 p.m., but once you submit it, it comes up as “Late: Submitted 12:00 a.m.”
  14. You hear weird noises in the bathroom stall next to you in Moffitt Library.
  15. People start playing “All Star” at the frats on your street at 6 a.m. on a game day.
  16. When you start a problem set and the first question looks like it’s written in another language.
  17. When the professor says the midterm will be “easy.”
  18. When your entire grade in a super difficult class is 30 percent midterm one, 30 percent midterm two, 40 percent final and there is no clobber policy.
  19. You let someone borrow a pen and you see them start chewing on it.
  20. You get a notification that your Kiwibot is lost and you spent a fortune on whatever it stows.
  21. Your best friend disagrees with you on whether Sliver is better than Cheese Board.
  22. You are a Berkeley squirrel and someone tries to feed you healthy nuts instead of processed food.
  23. You go to your first class and it’s freezing outside, but when you come out the sun creates a portable oven between your layers of clothes.
  24. You are waitlisted for a pre-req class for your major and you’re an upperclassman.
  25. You forgot your stamp card to get a free drink at U-Cha and you had all the spots stamped.
  26. The bus you have been waiting an eternity for drives past you.
  27. In an effort to make new friends in lecture, you start up a conversation with someone. But then they bring up how they got a five on the AP Biology test last year.
  28. Someone made a Confessions from UC Berkeley post about you and shared just enough detail that mutual friends know they were talking about you.
  29. The reason your code wasn’t working for the past week was because of a parentheses or a misplaced indentation.
  30. When you get excited to tag someone in a meme and they respond with “I’ve already seen it.”
  31. When you decide to check in on a good friend after a long time and they respond to your “I miss you” with “K.”
  32. When your roommate eats all your ice cream that you saved for after your midterm that week.
  33. When all the dryers are broken except for one, but all the washers work perfectly.
  34. When you are at a family function and everyone incessantly asks you why you do not have a significant other or what you will do after graduation.
  35. When you have reached the end of this list and relate to over half of these.

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