5 things more entertaining than watching Friday’s football game

Karen Chow/File

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When it comes to school spirit, I’ve always been of the opinion that less is more. After all, who wants to be forced to stand for hours on end watching players fumbling for a ball? If there are any people out there who would rather poke their eyes out than watch our team play, this article is for you. Here are five activities that are sure to be more worthwhile than watching Friday’s game.

Go for a hike behind California Memorial Stadium

Grab a friend, a cold drink and your tennis shoes and make the trek during the game! You’re sure to have uninhibited views of the gorgeous San Francisco Bay, and you’ll be within the length of a football throw from the players (just in case you want to engage in a good-natured water balloon fight with them!).

Go to office hours

What better way to take advantage of your free hours than schmoozing with your professor? If the professor would prefer to watch the game rather than listen to your whining, just tag along with them to the stadium and bombard them with homework questions during the halftime show.

Host a barbecue on Memorial Glade

During sunny days, it’s a sad fact that the Glade resembles Miami during spring break more than a college quad. Take advantage of the masses being absent and host a get-together. Bonus if you bring snacks for the squirrels.

Ride a Kiwibot down Telegraph Avenue

Admit it: This isn’t the first time you’ve thought of doing this. Most people you know will be attending the game anyways, so why not engage in a bit of absurdity?


Perhaps my favorite part of this entire list. Curl up with a warm cup of tea, burrow under your covers and catch some much-needed shut-eye. In your dreams, perhaps this weekend’s football game will actually be entertaining!

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