Photo essay: Memories of Malta

Ireland Wagner/Staff

During my study abroad experience in France, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a flight deal to Malta. Despite the fact that I wasn’t entirely sure where Malta was on the map, a $50 roundtrip flight seemed like a no-brainer. Accompanied by a group of close friends and my overstuffed carry-on, I soon found myself wandering the narrow streets and brilliant waterfronts of the enchanting Mediterranean island. Valletta, Malta’s capital, felt like a city stuck in another time or perhaps another world — after all, Malta was one of the filming locations for “Game of Thrones.” Although Malta was never really on my radar before, it ended up being one of my favorite destinations that I visited during my two years studying abroad. My only souvenirs from the magical archipelago are colorful memories of ocean blues and sun-stained yellows — and, of course, two gigabits of just cat photos. 




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