Which UC Berkeley residence hall are you?

Karen Chow/File

Which UC Berkeley residence hall are you? Do you think you’re more of a Foothill or Blackwell Hall kind of person? We all know that each of the residence halls have extremely distinct personalities, and we can’t help but relate the hall to the people living in them. So, if you’ve ever wondered which residence hall you’re most like, take this quiz to find out!

  1. What’s your typical caffeine intake?
    1. I don’t drink anything with caffeine.
    2. I drink a cup or two of coffee a day. 
    3. I’m more of a tea person. 
    4. If it’s not my third espresso shot, I’m probably asleep.
  2. How messy are you?
    1. I have Clorox wipes on demand.
    2. I’d say I’m average.
    3. I clean up about once a month.
    4. What’s a hoarder again?
  3. Where would we find you on a Friday night?
    1. Hangin’ out with my bruhs.
    2. The weekend is optimal study time.
    3. Shakin’ my booty on the dance floor. 
    4. Backpacking, I need clean air!
  4. Dinner of choice?
    1. Spaghetti and meatballs.  
    2. Fish tacos and guacamole.  
    3. Beyond Meat burger with fries. 
    4. Juice, just juice.
  5. What’s your study location of choice?
    1. Main Stacks, let’s grind! 
    2. Caffé Strada, I love having my stuff stolen!  
    3. Doe Memorial Library, it’s just classic. 
    4. Ummm … what’s studying?
  6. Pick a dream vacation.
    1. Shopping my way through Paris. 
    2. Laying on the sand in Maui. 
    3. Backpacking my way through Machu Picchu. 
    4. Disney World, let’s ride! 
  7. How involved are you on campus?
    1. I’m in five clubs — but it’s fine, I’m fine! 
    2. I’m in a couple, balance is key. 
    3. I’m in the surf club I think? 
    4. I’m actually working on my startup, so …
    1. Blackwell Hall: You’re Bad and Bougie! Maybe it’s your sleek style or cool personality, but people are taking note. Your magnetic charisma will leave people in envy.
    2. Clark Kerr Campus: Do you know a bruh? Your fratty exterior is symbolic of UC Berkeley’s Clark Kerr Campus. Your charming smile and bid access leaves freshman swooning. Just maybe cut back on your crew sock collection.
    3. The Units: What can I say… you may be average at UC Berkeley, but you’ll thrive in the real world. You’re functional, well-balanced and can be loads of fun depending on your mood or floor. You can be a bit unpredictable at times, but you always get the job done.
    4. Foothill: Let me just say, post-grad is for you! While you may not have a thriving social life and primarily live in the library, you’re probably going to work for Google someday. Don’t worry! People will appreciate your off-the-charts intelligence one day.

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