2019 Preparedness Impact Issue: Editors’ Note

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In light of destructive events, whether man-made or natural, being prepared is important to ensure safety. While no one can foresee the future, there are always steps that campus administration, city officials and every student or community member can take. 

Daily updates on different calamities pervade our newsfeeds, whether it be a shooting scare, a campus seismic report or an air quality index of more than 200, and addressing these concerns before the actual disaster takes place mitigates further ruin.

The Daily Californian’s impact issue hopes to spur conversation about the ways in which we think of and address possible disasters, from covering lived experiences all the way to dissecting dystopian literature. By continuing to talk about how we prepare for a catastrophe, hopefully, we will be ready when one hits.

Soofie Motamedi is the editor in chief and president, Sakura Cannestra is the managing editor and Kaitlan Tseng is the creative director. Contact them at [email protected]