Best places to worry about ‘the big one’

Illustration of person imagining disasters
Lily Callender/Staff

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We at the Clog are constantly plagued with the knowledge that “the big one” is coming. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “the big one,” let us enlighten you: It is the long overdue and highly anticipated about 8 magnitude earthquake that’s going to hit the San Andreas fault, which happens to run through California. Or at least that’s our understanding of it, we never got off the waitlist for Earth and Planetary Science C20: Earthquakes in Your Backyard. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to visit at UC Berkeley where you can think about how “the big one” is coming and appropriately freak out.

  1. 155 Dwinelle
  2. The basement of Evans Hall
  3. Caffè Strada
  4. In your Clark Kerr Campus suite
  5. Anywhere within 94 meters of the Campanile
  6. The Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library study spots near the windows
  7. Apple Beta Pie’s unstable roof
  8. Wherever you may be when you hear a dog bark, because in second grade, you had to read a short story about a girl whose dog barked before an earthquake, and it still scares you to this day
  9. In your GSI’s “office”
  10. On Sproul Plaza during tabling
  11. At a band night in someone’s extremely low and pipe-ridden basement
  12. While swimming laps in Hearst Gym’s North Pool
  13. While you are watching the Bears lose at California Memorial Stadium (the fault line goes directly through it!)

For Californians, worrying about “the big one” can be as constant as breathing. While we may live in one of the most seismically unstable and fault line-filled places in the world, we hope that you don’t worry about “the big one” too much!

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