Foods to keep your stomach from rumbling during natural disasters

Sunny Shen/Staff

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Living in the Bay Area, we’re plagued by the prospect of an earthquake, and the fact that part of UC Berkeley runs over the Hayward Fault doesn’t help matters either. But we at the Clog have got your back, making sure you’re ready with food for when the rumbly tummy hits, no matter the natural disaster.

Whole fruits (bananas and apples)

Incredibly healthy and also delicious, whole fruits are a perfect combination of easily transportable and easy to eat. Without any mess, you can simply take your fruit and munch on it, be it in the middle of an earthquake or while you’re in Moffitt Library as you try to understand material for the midterm you have the next day. After all, if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it can keep away the bad grades too, right?


The essential snack. Easily prepared, PB&J combines the nutty richness of peanuts with the tangy sweetness of jam, giving you the ultimate well-rounded food for when the munchies come. While its well-rounded flavor can make you forget about any terrible disaster, what makes it perfect for earthquakes is its low mess factor. With the sticky spreads leading to minimal oozing, there’s no way you’ll have a mess to deal with at the end.

Granola bars or trail mix

How obvious, you might say, but we at the Clog beg to differ. With the infinite variety of granola bars and trail mix assortments, there’s truly no way to go wrong with these options. Simply whip out a granola bar or some trail mix from your bag and happily munch away, satisfied in having made a (relatively) healthy choice.

Hummus & carrots (or celery)

The healthiest choice on this list, hummus and carrots, ensures that you get all of your major macronutrients and vitamins, while being incredibly portable and mess-free. Just pack it all in a bento box or Tupperware, and you’re good to go! The best part about this snack is the nutrient density, so you can eat it all without any guilt. Go forth and rejoice!

While being prepared for earthquakes might not necessarily be a priority of yours, these snacks can still be day-to-day staples in your diet. Happy snacking!

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