Reasons why you could be smiling on this National Smile Day

Cheyenne Tex/Staff

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Every year, the first Friday of October marks National Smile Day! It can be so easy to get caught up in the stress of midterm season that we often forget to smile. Believe it or not, smiling is actually your body’s form of a natural antidepressant, as the act will trick your brain into thinking you’re happy. Smiling also relieves stress and is contagious, so simply smiling at someone could improve their day, too! We at the Clog have compiled a list of reasons why you might be smiling today to serve as inspiration for those of you who might be struggling to figure out how to celebrate this holiday.

  1. You’re done with your midterms for this week (you can worry about next week later).
  2. Your class got canceled for no apparent reason.
  3. There’s no line at Yi Fang.
  4. You walk past Tartine right after they closed and get a free croissant.
  5. There’s an open seat in Moffitt, and you don’t have to sit on the floor for the fourth day in a row (extra bonus if it’s on a fifth floor couch that faces Memorial Glade!).
  6. The dining hall is serving food that actually tastes good.
  7. It stops raining right before you have to walk to your first class.
  8. Your roommate decides to leave for the weekend right when you were thinking about how nice some peace and quiet would be.
  9. You get to the bus stop right as your bus is arriving.
  10. You find some ice cream that you had forgotten about in the back of your freezer right after a tough midterm.
  11. The professor decides to curve the class.
  12. Your class gets out just in time for you to catch an amazing view of the sunset on your walk home.
  13. The soft serve machine at Crossroads is finally working.
  14. You have time to take a solid nap.
  15. The professor pushes the midterm back due to a conflict with a religious holiday.
  16. The washers and dryers are all available when you need to do your laundry.
  17. You’re allowed to use a cheat sheet on the exam.
  18. You got more than eight hours of sleep.
  19. Your friend gives you the panini they got for lunch but didn’t end up eating.
  20. Those overly talkative people decide to leave Doe Memorial Library before you have to say anything to them.
  21. You get to the bathroom right after it’s been cleaned.
  22. You randomly run into your friend who you haven’t seen in weeks.

Even if nothing on this list applies to you, we at the Clog hope that you find something to smile about on this National Smile Day!

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