3 places to have noodles of fun on National Noodle Day

Pixabay/Creative Commons

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On Oct. 6, we celebrate one of the most versatile foods that exists — noodles! Nothing beats a bowl of fresh, hot noodles slathered in a flavorful sauce. On National Noodle Day, we get to appreciate each noodle for the amazing food vessel it is. Noodles come in all shapes and sizes to create hundreds of different dishes. Here are some of the best places to celebrate this wondrous food on National Noodle Day!

The Italian Homemade Company

There are infinite combinations when it comes to pasta, but they all stem from the same basic ingredients: flour, water and egg. Whether you’re twirling a big whopping mountain of spaghetti into your mouth or stabbing as many penne noodles onto your fork as possible, there’s nothing better than a bite of fresh pasta. The art of pasta-making is a beautiful yet meticulous process, but what’s truly awesome about it is that anyone can make it in just 8-10 minutes. I am one-quarter Italian, so I pretty much have tomato sauce in my blood, and no food in the world beats pasta for me. When it comes to the Italian Homemade Company, the pasta-bilities are endless! This laid-back Italian spot boasts seven different homemade pasta varieties that you can choose to match with any of eight different sauces! 

Toss Noodle Bar

Not only are noodles prevalent in Italian culture, but they also hold a long history in many other cuisines. Noodles in Asia can be dated back to 200s B.C.E. during the Han dynasty in China. To this day, noodles are still extremely significant in Asian food and culture. Noodles can also be found in Japanese, Thai, Korean, Pilipinx and Vietnamese dishes. These noodles can be made of flour and water or from rice. They’re served in soups, cold in salads or fried, such as in lo mein. Toss Noodle Bar offers six types of noodles, including hokkien, wheat, flat rice, thin rice, glass and spinach. Any of these noodles can be mixed with different sauces, broths or curry flavorings. Toss Noodle Bar offers four sauces styles: Thai, Malay, Chinese, and Japanese. You can also enjoy your noodles in tom-yum, clear or laksa soup. And if curry is your thing, you have the option between green or red curry. There are endless options to toss around!

Your dorm/apartment

If you don’t want to splurge or spend time getting to a noodle restaurant this National Noodle Day, don’t worry! There are plenty of cheap and easy ways to celebrate noodles. When most of us college students think of noodles, our brains go straight to square packages of ramen, white plastic foam cups of noodles or Kraft Instant Mac and Cheese cups. While these noodles are much cheaper, they never fail to hit the spot! All you need is some water and a microwave and you’ve got a classic noodle dish to reign in the holiday. If you’re feeling fancy, throw some extra toppings to put your own spin on these timeless, dorm-friendly classics. 

Noodles come in all forms and are seen across endless cultures and cuisines, but today they all come together to be celebrated!

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