Berkeley City Council to discuss additional bike lockers at Berkeley Marina

Kristen Tamsil/Staff

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A grant application for 20 electronic bike lockers at the Berkeley Marina will be discussed during the next City Council meeting Oct. 15.

Submitted by Scott Ferris, the director of the Berkeley Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department, the proposal supports the Climate Action Program, which aims to reduce total vehicle miles traveled, according to the grant application. The grant application also states that by encouraging community members to bike to the marina, more will commute using the ferry system.

The estimated total cost of this project is $93,900, including site preparation and installation of the lockers. The grant requests $71,510 from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, with the remaining 24%, or $22,390, being matched by the Marina Enterprise Fund.

“It supports the Climate Action Plan because it potentially gets automobiles off the road and off our streets,” Ferris said. “The more people we can encourage to bike to the waterfront supports that action plan.”

According to the grant application, the new bike lockers would meet the needs of a growing number of commuters who use the ferry service, as well as those who use charter fishing boats or go to the marina for recreation.

Ferris added that there are several commuter services available from the Berkeley Marina to San Francisco, including the Tideline ferry service and charter boats, which reflect the increase in park-and-ride commuters over the last several years.

“I think more people will bike down there to take the ferry over to San Francisco,” Ferris said. “We have some limited areas for bikes to park. I know bike security is a big thing, so I think this will encourage (bikers) to come down and use those on an all-day basis when they are headed over to San Francisco.”

The new bike lockers would be concentrated outside the marina office on the public K Dock, where ferries and charter boats leave.

Ferris said he does not see a downside to adding the additional lockers. Although they take up space, Ferris added that there is plenty of room at the marina docks.

The marina is the main area of focus for additional bike lockers, according to Ferris. He added that there are bike lockers installed at all of the BART stations, and he does not feel there will be a need for more after those at the marina are built.

“Bicycles are most assure if they’re in these lockers, so we want to encourage people to bike to the waterfront for their transportation,” Ferris said.

If approved, the project will receive funding in spring 2020 and will be completed in summer 2021.

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