How to handle being sick during midterm season

Stephanie Li/File

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It’s the sad fact of the matter that back-to-school also means back-to-homework, back-to-never-ending-stress and — perhaps worst of all — back-to-millions-of-germs! The tensions are high, immune systems are low and the cold weather allows for the endless spread of pathogens. The real question is: How will you, a newly minted UC Berkeley undergrad, deal with a dreaded cold when your midterms are in full swing? With this guide constructed by the experts at the Clog, that’s how.

Here are three ways to avoid being defeated by a cold during midterm season.

Carry a flask of ginger tea with you everywhere

Ginger tea has been said to boost your immune system and help regulate the spread of germs, so bringing some to classes every day will potentially help you avoid catching a cold. With ginger’s spicy flavors, it can also act as a pick-me-up. It’s a win-win!

Wear a gas mask to class

We’ve all been there: You’re attempting to listen to the professor’s endless monologue when, all of a sudden, a serial cougher sitting directly behind you begins their never-ending symphony of hacks and wheezes. Deal with this sudden influx of germs by bringing a portable gas mask with you to class.

Build your own sanctuary

This might be a placebo, but creating a safe haven in your dorm room works wonders for morale: Buy every single fluffy blanket at Target, cover your cold hardwood floor with dozens of beanbag chairs and don’t forget to install a flat-screen TV! That way, if you didn’t follow the first two tips on this list, you’ll at least be able to wait out your cold in style. After all, your Cup Noodles will taste much better if you’re lounging in paradise.

We hope you enjoyed our carefully curated list of tips! While the last two were all in good fun, remember that it is super important to take care of your health and well-being during these colder months — your body will thank you!

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