Matzo ball soup for the soul: Jewish comfort food at Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen

Sam Albillo/Staff

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We’re about a month into school, and the cold Berkeley chill is already upon us! Sometimes, dorm food just doesn’t cut it when it comes to the quality comfort food we crave during cool weather. The Jew in me misses my grandma’s matzo ball soup and my mom’s home-cooked brisket. But thankfully, I found Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen to bring me some much needed Jewish comfort food for the upcoming fall and winter months. Here’s more about Saul’s and why it’s the perfect restaurant to make you feel at home.

Comfort food

Saul’s is definitely not lacking in delicious comfort food options. Personally, if I see latkes on the menu, I’m sold, but Saul’s crispy golden potato pancakes are unlike any I’ve ever had before. They’re golden brown drops of heaven that I would gladly eat every day for the rest of my life. And don’t even get me started on the thick challah french toast. Served with maple syrup and raspberry compote, it’s perfect for a weekend brunch. Of course, if you’re looking for the staple Jewish comfort dish, look no further than Saul’s classic matzo ball soup. The matzo ball is gigantic, and the soup will definitely hit the spot during the upcoming chilly weather. From huge, stacked sandwiches to traditional Jewish classics, you really can’t go wrong with the food at Saul’s. 

Baked goods

When it comes to desserts, Saul’s is stocked with all the Jewish classics and more. Some of Saul’s bestsellers are the rugelach, macaroons and baklava. Its website says its goal is to “connect with their roots all along the timeline of Jewish food.” From chocolate babka to multiflavored hamentashen, you can find any Jewish dessert your heart desires. Each dessert is made fresh daily, so you have to hurry in to get them before they sell out. Besides desserts, Saul’s is also known for its fresh baked bagels (and lox of course). No matter what you decide to get, you really can’t go wrong — everything looks amazing and tastes even better!


Saul’s encapsulates the perfect mix of old and new in its classic deli setup. Black and white checkers line the floor, while red and black booths spread around the edges of the restaurant. Vintage-looking circular lamps hang freely from the ceiling, as neon signs light up the room. The classic deli decor takes you back in time, while the fun accents bring a fresh vibe to the restaurant. Old pictures are scattered about the restaurant walls, making it feel very comfortable and homey. Saul’s definitely accomplishes its objective of “providing a culinary and cultural home to those looking for familiar and traditional foods!” 

Whether you’re in need of some typical Jewish comfort food, craving a sweet treat or just looking for an old-school deli experience, Saul’s is the place to go!

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