UC Berkeley seeks input to update Long Range Development Plan

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UC Berkeley is currently taking input from the campus community regarding the Long Range Development Plan, or LRDP, after an announcement in April said the plan is being updated to include a Campus Master Plan.

Stephen Sutton, vice chancellor for student affairs, sent out a campuswide email Wednesday inviting students to participate in a survey about the campus and the spaces it uses. The responses will be shared via the LRDP and Campus Master Plan websites and will be considered in the making of the plans. The survey closes Friday and all responses are confidential.

“After nearly 15 years, the time has come to update Berkeley’s LRDP so it is consistent with and supportive of our new Strategic Plan, as well as key campus priorities such as housing, energy efficiency, accessibility, mobility, seismic remediation, and deferred maintenance,” said campus spokesperson Kyle Gibson in an email.

Gibson also added in his email that the LRDP is “not a mandate for growth,” and is not specific with projects or improvements. The LRDP is more like a “city’s zoning plan for managing land use, resources, transportation systems, and open space.”

The Campus Master Plan, on the other hand, focuses more on the physical aspects of the campus and aligns the strategic goals with current and future development projects, according to the website for the Campus Master Plan. It will therefore be more specific and focus on projects including renovations, improvements to the infrastructure and new buildings, with the goal of updating campus with new technology, teaching instruction and mobility, according to Gibson.

While the plans are still being updated, seismic policies are so far playing a role in the future plans for buildings on campus. According to Gibson, Evans Hall “will need to be demolished and replaced as per the updated UC seismic policy.” Evans Hall is also considered to be a priority given that the building is “intensively” used.

The New Century Plan, which is advisory to the LRDP and will be replaced by the Campus Master Plan, details a potential course of action for Evans Hall. In the plan, Evans Hall is scheduled to be replaced by a pair of pavilions that will restore the view of the bay from the Hearst Mining Circle and add greenery, completing the east end of Memorial Glade.

According to Gibson, the LRDP is expected to be completed in early 2021 and approved by the UC Board of Regents later that year. The completion of the Campus Master Plan is expected to be in 2020, with Chancellor Carol Christ approving it by 2021.

As both plans are still in the process of being completed, there are still many opportunities for students and staff to state their thoughts and opinions, according to Gibson.

“All input and feedback received from our engagement activities (town halls, surveys) will help inform the creation of the updated plans,” Gibson said in an email.

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