What majors Batman villains would have if they went to UC Berkeley

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Batman has one of the most iconic rogues’ galleries in all of comics. It’s filled with insane and clever villains who each terrorize Gotham in their own way. The recent “Joker” movie shows that it’s worth exploring the villain’s story. The goals of each villain make their story unique and beg the question: How would they achieve their goals if they went to UC Berkeley? Well, wonder no more — here’s a list of what majors Batman villains would have if they went to UC Berkeley.

The Joker: Triple CS

One of the most insane paths you could take at UC Berkeley is probably a triple major in computer science, cognitive science and Celtic studies. He’ll always be able to one-up somebody who’s complaining about their workload — after all, he’ll have long papers and coding projects due. Despite his immense workload, he probably won’t put in any effort to do well, which would drive his group project members and academic advisers up the wall. He’ll make other people miserable and to him, that’s the funniest joke of all.

Mr. Freeze: MCB

Mr. Freeze’s backstory revolves around finding a cure for his ailing wife. Whether it’s a genetic disease or a viral one, the UC Berkeley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology will give him the tools to study it. He’ll also be sharing a lot of classes with future doctors, who’ll be good connections to have once they get through medical school. Professors might even be able to steer him in the right direction as to what to study to help his wife. All of these points make majoring in MCB a no-brainer for Mr. Freeze.

The Penguin: Business

Even though the Penguin might be enamored with his namesake, the major he’d take at UC Berkeley would be business. The Penguin’s got a mafia to run and that takes business skills. He’ll need to know how to organize his group and motivate his “employees.” He’ll just take the lessons he learns in class to the extreme to help build his criminal empire.

The Scarecrow: Psychology

In the comics, the Scarecrow was already a psychologist obsessed with fear. At UC Berkeley, it only makes sense that he’d study the same thing. Although he might get bored in some of the more general prerequisites, it won’t all be a waste of time. He’d probably go to all of his professors’ office hours in an attempt to relate fear to the course topics or to just talk about his theories on the subject.

The Riddler: English

What better major is there to learn and think about wordplay than English? It’s all about picking apart sentences to find hidden meanings — something you also have to do when solving a riddle. The Riddler might run into some problems with his papers being a little unclear as he might just always hide his thesis behind a riddle. On the bright side, there’s probably at least one professor who’ll appreciate and encourage this unique form of writing.

Hopefully you don’t have anyone on the level of a Batman villain in any of your classes. If you do, maybe just stay out of their way and hope that they return to Gotham soon.

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