Keeping up with Oski: Your favorite reality TV shows with a UC Berkeley twist

Illustration of Oski dressed as the Kardashians
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Editor’s note: The original illustration attached to this story was removed for internal reasons.

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through Netflix or flipping through channels on your TV? Can’t find a single show worth your time and attention? Well, we at the Clog hear you! Here are five shows starring our beloved campus mascot, Oski, that are guaranteed to keep your eyes glued to the screen this semester.


Watch this season of OskiChef as 20 home chefs compete for the title of Cal Dining’s head chef. One of the challenges this season will include the dreaded pressure test, where cooks will be tasked with recreating some of UC Berkeley’s timeless dining hall classics — Café 3’s meatless meat, GBC’s quesadillas and the staple cafeteria cheese pizza — all under a nerve-racking time constraint.

Keeping Up with the Oskians

This season of Keeping Up with the Oskians is so jam-packed with drama that we’re not sure you’ll be able to keep up! Throughout the season, you’ll follow the family you love to hate, the Oskians, and their lavish lifestyle in the Berkeley Hills, but with a surprising twist. Oskhloe is suddenly blindsided by her NBA boyfriend cheating on her with the best friend of her little sister, Osklie. Talk about the betrayal of the century!

The Oskiette

This season of the Oskiette will revolve around fan-favorite Oski B, as she searches for the man of her dreams and potential future husband. Oski B will jet around Berkeley on various dates, from a romantic brunch at La Note to a picturesque hike up the Big C, in an attempt to find the one. Will she really find love in a hopeless place, or did she accidentally step on the seal and jinx her fortune?

Oski Tank

Do the emerging businesses that are featured on this season of Oski Tank have what it takes to win over the industry’s toughest investors? Filmed at the “snakiest” location on the planet, the Haas School of Business, a famed panel of investors including Oski, a Kiwibot, the Hell Yeah! Guy, a Sproul flyer-er and an actual snake, will encounter several entrepreneurs who will try to pitch their business ideas, in hopes of becoming the next big thing.

Berkeley’s Next Top Oski

Oski has showed time and time again that he knows how to strut his stuff. The way he saunters across the field at California Memorial Stadium or Sproul Plaza will surely make your jaw drop. Not everyone can pull off a mustard yellow cardigan the way he does. However, he’s decided to put his modeling career on hiatus and has returned to this season of Berkeley’s Next Top Oski to find the next supermodel to take his throne. Gigi Hadid, who?

Tune in to these Oski-fied shows for pervasive drama, entertainment and excitement that you won’t want to miss out on.

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