They’re just not that into you: 5 people who won’t reciprocate your feelings

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Is there a certain someone in your life who makes your heart flutter every time you think of them? Yes? Then, we’d like to ask a follow-up question. Is this special somebody aware of your crush? There’s a plausible chance that the answer might be no. While college can be a time filled with forming close relationships that’ll extend beyond your four years here, it can also be a time filled with acquaintanceships and people who you’ll only ever see once in your life. Here are some examples of those special someones who have made you change your Facebook status to “it’s complicated” — even when it’s not.

That one GSI

The moment you locked eyes with your GSI, you felt like sparks flew across the classroom. While your GSI was just making eye contact to ensure you were staying engaged with the content, you insist to all your friends that it’s something more. They roll their eyes at you, but hey, at least your section attendance is 100%. You’ve never attended more office hours in your entire college career.

Tinder dreamboat 

When you joined the app, you weren’t expecting anything miraculous out of it. You’ve heard a few stories about people meeting the one on there, but quite frankly, your hopes were pretty low. You swiped left on tons of people until one day, you finally came across the one. His bio, which included an emoji of a bear and Cal ’20 couldn’t have been more profound and articulate. After all, you’ve only got Berkeley in your description. You work up the courage to message them a unique and witty one-liner, hey! but never get a response. You thought you would finally have someone to do a Halloween couples costume with, but instead, you’ve been ghosted.

A cutie from a frat party

It’s a random Friday night, and you have decided to hit up frat row with your group of friends. In the very back of your mind, you hope it will be where you meet your future lover, because everyone who attends a frat party is looking for a committed relationship. After the party got abruptly shut down, you walked together to Taco Bell, and in that moment, it felt synonymous to an elaborate reservation at Chez Panisse. They followed you back on Instagram, so in Gen Z terms, you’re basically official. I mean, introducing a potential partner to your parents is so outdated when your 500 followers can know instead.

That person from your section

You look forward to every section, knowing that they will be there. You constantly ask your friends for relationship advice on how to turn your weekly “hey” into something more. Your heart races when they finally ask for your number. “Wow, are we the modern-day reincarnations of Romeo and Juliet?” you think to yourself, only to realize that you’ve been partnered in the same group and need to meet up during the semester to work on your project together.

Your neighbor

While you were walking into your apartment building, your neighbor happened to coincidentally be entering at the same time. They held the door for you, and it was like destiny that your paths crossed. You say “thanks but spent the rest of the night thinking about this missed connection.

All jokes aside, the person of your dreams is out there for you – don’t worry, they’re not all like one of these five.

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