5 types of roommates you’ll encounter at UC Berkeley

Daniela Cervantes/File

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Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, with the high prices for rent in Berkeley, odds are you’ve had a roommate for part of your college career. If not, here’s the scoop on the types of roommates you may encounter. 

The hoarder 

Maybe they’re just messy or perhaps they have an actual problem. But at one point or another, you will probably encounter the hoarder roommate. They may be fun and charming, but boy, they come with a lot of baggage both figuratively and literally. It may start with just a cup left here or some clothes in a pile over there, but before you know it, your room will become a literal flea market. They just can’t seem to live within the space allotted to them. The best thing you can do is buy some Lysol and ask for a change. On the bright side, maybe you can borrow some of their madness when you need a blouse or shoes!

The boyfriend disappear-er

Everyone will encounter that friend in college who finally gets into a relationship then suddenly disappears from the world. In some individual cases, that will be your roommate! Yes, that’s right, this unique type of roommate tends to be on the neater side and on top of their organization game, which is probably because they’re never at home. So, when they practically move into the home of their significant other, they leave their space so spotless, it’s as if they actually disappeared … spooky, I know! But don’t fret, they’ll come back eventually, if not to cry over their now ex-companion, but maybe to say hello because they missed you. Regardless, celebrate, because you’re getting a single for the cost of sharing!

The passive-aggressive Post-It-note-leaver

There will always be that one roommate that bottles up all of their aggression and then releases that emotion in the form of a Post-It note. They can say anything from, “Can you please do the dishes :)” to “Wanna move your crap?”. The overlying message, however, is that they’re angry and trying to be confrontational without being confrontational. This roommate tends to leave little hints during conversations on what they would like their ideal living situation to be. Maybe they want more time alone or a cleaner living area, but they will never tell you straight up. The best thing you can do is confront them nicely and ask them to explain the issue. Or if you really don’t care to fix it, pretend you didn’t see the note and carry on with your merry day. Just try and be cleaner, so the next world war doesn’t break out under your roof.

The Greek life fiend 

Whether they were a nerd in high school and trying to compensate or just wanted a “community,” at some point, you will encounter the Greek life fiend. Letters and all, this roommate may be fun and outgoing, but they’re always coming in late and waking you up. They usually have good intentions, but the constant gossip on who’s on social probation this month and why isn’t invite a better theme can drive you up the wall. Don’t worry though, the sparkle and shine of the Greek-lettered houses tend to fade after a year or two. Plus, the reality check of a UC Berkeley GPA without that weeknight grind is honestly hard to swallow. So, they will return to earth eventually with a better taste of reality. 

The gamer 

Although a rarity with the workload assigned at this school, once in a while, you will encounter “the gamer.” Probably glued to their television or computer, the gamer finds solace in the digital world. It may feel like they are ignoring you or have no interest in your life whatsoever, but they’re probably just in the zone. Let them be in their mothership and maybe you can hang once they finally beat that tricky game level or decide to rejoin the masses. Who knows, you may even like the game once they let you play! The course of action recommended is to let them be and wait for your opportunity at socialization or just enjoy the fact that they won’t distract you. Either way, games come and go, but you will always be together — at least until the lease it up.

There you have it, folks! Were sure that youve encountered at least one of these roommates during your time at UC Berkeley. Just remember that while they may be slightly annoying, theyre still students and people just like you, so always be respectful to the ones you share a space with!

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