Which Berkeley restaurant are you?

Anissa Nishioka/File

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The cultural diversity in Berkeley allows it to have some of the very distinctive restaurants, each with its own flavor profile and vibe. Whether you’re looking for a quick post-night out bite or a spot for a nice get-together, you have countless options to choose from in Berkeley. Take this quiz to find out which Berkeley restaurant you are!

  1. What is your favorite music genre?
    1. Jazz
    2. Pop
    3. Hip-hop
    4. Rock
  2. Favorite building on campus?
    1. Evans Hall
    2. Cory Hall
    3. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union
    4. Moffitt Library
  3. Ideal night-in?
    1. Wine night
    2. Netflix
    3. Cook-off
    4. Sleep 
  4. Favorite weather?
    1. Sunny
    2. Rainy
    3. Snowy
    4. Foggy/Windy 
  5. Favorite meal?
    1. Breakfast
    2. Brunch
    3. Lunch
    4. Dinner
  6. Favorite part of college life?
    1. Studying?
    2. Student organizations
    3. Partying
    4. Friends 
    1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza — You are extremely down-to-earth and well-liked by most of your peers! Whether it be late-night gossip time or a much-needed study date, you are always available to the people around you. And people love you for that.
    2. Marugame Udon — You are the new and hip friend. People look up to you and want to get closer to you. You might be harder to approach because you seem to be always surrounded by people, but people still love you.
    3. Café Mezzo — You are responsible and trustworthy. You are the mom of your friend group. You make sure that everyone is safe and healthy, and you encourage your friends to stay on top of their work.
    4. Crossroads – You are carefree and loving. You love to share things, and you are very accessible to people! You are lovable but a bit too busy sometimes.

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