A guide to Mediterranean-inspired meal prep

Pariswi Tewari/Staff

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Eating Berkeley presents a fresh, versatile and healthy recipe, so you can save time and money on meals throughout the week! Many nutritionists praise Mediterranean-style, plant-based diets as a great way to fuel your body and boost your energy throughout the day. So, we have created a template for preparing healthy meals that will last you all week long! Here’s what you’ll need.

Base: Carbs and vegetables

For your base, we recommend a mix of carbohydrates and vegetables to keep you full for a long period of time. This might look like a cup of quinoa or brown rice combined with a medley of veggies, including:

  • lettuce
  • arugula
  • spinach
  • kale
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • roasted bell peppers
  • avocado

Feel free to go as extensive or minimal with this as your heart (and budget) desires! For maximum ease, you can boil your quinoa on a Sunday afternoon, store it in the fridge and draw from it during the week.

Protein: Meat, tofu, beans

Then, add in your protein. We recommend these protein sources:

  • grilled chicken
  • grilled salmon
  • tofu scramble
  • baked falafel
  • garbanzo beans
  • black beans
  • lentils

This doesn’t have to be too fancy! For a more flavorful meal, get creative by incorporating different herbs and spices.

Toppings: Mediterranean and beyond!

There is a wide variety of Mediterranean-inspired toppings to enjoy, such as these options:

  • hummus
  • tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dip)
  • feta cheese
  • sundried tomatoes
  • kalamata olives

You can also branch out and add in your own favorites.

Top off your meal with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. And for optimal freshness, squeeze a lemon on each individual serving, rather than once at the beginning of the week.

We hope that you find our template for a healthy weekly meal prep helpful! This recipe gives a lot of room for customization and accommodates various dietary restrictions. Enjoy!

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