It’s pizza time: Places you should check out for National Pizza Month

Jinsu Elhance/File

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Not only is October the month of Halloween, but it’s also National Pizza Month! Any chance I get to have pizza, I’ll take it — I think this is something that we can all agree on. So a whole month of celebrating this beloved food sounds like a dream come true. Here are some of the best spots around Berkeley to try all different kinds of pizza this month in celebration of National Pizza Month.

Thin crust 

Summer Kitchen + Bake Shop has thin wood-fired pizzas that are out of this world! It only has five pizza choices, but they’re all perfectly crafted and delicious. If Elmwood is a little out of your way, Jupiter is a great option. Located in Downtown, this spot is known for its award-winning wood-fired pizzas. It has a plethora of different toppings, so you’ll surely find the perfect pizza for anyone! Another great option is Pizzahhh. It’s a super casual joint with great New York-style thin-crust pizza! It has classic toppings you can mix and match to make your ideal pizza.

Best by the slice 

The closest pizza to typical New York pizza in Berkeley is Arinell Pizza. This spot is famous for its big, thin, greasy slices.  Y0u can even get a vegan version of the classic New York slice here! A Berkeley staple on Telegraph Avenue, Abe’s Pizza offers a solid slice of pizza. With the option to create your own personal pizza, Abe’s offers over 20 toppings to choose from, so you can really let your imagination run wild! Across the street from Abe’s is another Berkeley classic, Fat Slice Pizza — it’s the perfect spot to get a huge, greasy slice. Fat Slice is a great place to stop by for that quick slice when your pizza craving strikes after class. 

Fun toppings

When it comes to specialty pizza, the debate between Artichoke Basille’s Pizza and Sliver Pizzeria is a hot one among UC Berkeley students. They’re each special in their own way, however. The signature artichoke pizza at Artichoke is a coveted item on campus and is my personal favorite — it tastes like cheesy spinach and artichoke dip on a slice of pizza, and that’s hard to beat! On the other side of the pizza argument is Sliver. While Artichoke is famous for its one specific type of pizza, Sliver is well-known for the opposite. Since Sliver has new types of pizza each day, there’s a lot to try and, ultimately, fall in love with. It’s always a blast trying the new topping combinations each time you stop by. Extreme Pizza can rival both of these specialty topping places with its endless topping options! You can create your own with its endless list of choices — you can even choose between atypical sauces like balsamic glaze, hummus and pico de gallo.                                          

No matter what style or toppings you choose (yes, even pineapple), we hope you have a fantastic time trying pizzas of all kinds. Grab a slice, or a whole pie (we won’t judge), and celebrate the wonderful creation that is pizza!

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