Editors’ Note: Oct. 11

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

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In light of October being LGBT History Month and Oct. 11 being National Coming Out Day, the Weekender offers its readers four pieces themed around the celebration and acceptance of sexuality and gender. 

First off, staff writer Erin Haar commented on queer representation in dating shows and when it is and isn’t handled responsibly. Then, after attending an event featuring Vox journalist Elizabeth Plank and UC Berkeley adjunct professor and alumnus Victor Pineda in conversation, staff writer Hari Srinivasan reflected on the engaging discussion that took place. In addition, staff writer Saya Abney wrote a personal essay on coming to terms with being and coming out as genderfluid, and in a similar vein, assistant arts and entertainment editor Areyon Jolivette penned an imagery-rich prose poem about the coming out process. 

Moving on to the more general, staff writer Andrew Koh lightheartedly poked fun at students who use a Boosted Board to get around campus, and having recently turned 20 years old, staff writer Emmanuel Ronquillo said goodbye to teenagehood in a personal essay. Rounding out the issue, staff writer Olivia Staser wrote a poem about the affect of loneliness. 

This week we reflected on our experiences — the results were sentimental, humorous and sometimes both. We invite you to reflect with us.

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