Weekend binge — Move out of the friendzone, get cuffed

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It’s that time of year again! When midterms are crushing you and your tank tops are traded for Patagonias. Is it still summer? Is it finally fall? Who knows! But if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed around this time of year, it’s cuffing season. When it starts to dip below 65 degrees Fahrenheit in California, and we start shivering at our pathetic version of winter, it has somehow been socially ingrained in us to start looking for someone to cuddle with for the mildly chilly times ahead.

And what better way to find someone to get cuffed with than reaching out to a friend and asking if there’s something more? Whether it is to get you in the mood for cuffing season or if you are looking for something to watch with your crush, here are some movies to watch this weekend that are all about the impossibility of platonic heterosexual male-and-female friendship.

“When Harry Met Sally…”

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Ah, “When Harry Met Sally…” is the OG film that decidedly said men and women could never simply be friends. Come for Meg Ryan’s iconic diner orgasm, stay for the ‘80s hairstyles. Have a moment wondering if you should leave when you realize Billy Crystal is 13 years older than Ryan, yet both of them are supposed to be the same age. But stay anyway because,  nonetheless, it’s a classic.

Following 12 years of friendship between Harry (Crystal) and Sally (Ryan), “When Harry Met Sally…” is a rom-com about a man and a woman who become reluctant friends after fate keeps bringing them together. As their friendship develops, of course a burgeoning relationship must follow. Full of iconic lines and fantastically large hairdos, “When Harry Met Sally…” is a perfect film to make you feel single enough to second-guess all of your friendships and wonder if you’re secretly in love with one of your buddies.

“What If”

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Continuing the theme of male-and-female friendships with underlying sexual and romantic tension, indie rom-com “What If” (released in some countries as “The F Word”) asks the same question of whether or not men and women can just be platonic friends. (Spoiler alert: The answer is no. It’s always no.)

Starring forever-associated-with-“Harry Potter” Daniel Radcliffe and perennial-quirky-indie-movie-love-interest Zoe Kazan, “What If” follows Wallace (Radcliffe) as he meets Chantry (Kazan) at a party. Wallace is immediately attracted to Chantry, but upon learning that she has a boyfriend, he starts a friendship with her. The two become best friends, but what if … just what if … there’s something more there? 

OK, the premise sounds meh, but the writing is excellent, and the film hits all the right notes of quirky and heartwarming. It’s a romantic comedy that doesn’t need grand, sweeping moments of running in the rain or professions of love in the airport to be romantic. Plus, Adam Driver shines in his role as Wallace’s best friend and makes you remember that Driver did do comedy at one point.

“Plus One”

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Remember Meg Ryan from “When Harry Met Sally…”? Well, she had a son with Dennis Quaid, and now their kid is all grown up and making romantic movies on his own! Feel old yet? 

Jack Quaid stars as Ben, who has known Alice (Maya Erskine) since college. Realizing they can’t make it through wedding season alone, Ben and Alice decide to be each other’s plus-ones for all the weddings they have to attend. What else can ensue from this close male-and-female friendship other than a slowly growing physical attraction to each other? Hilarious and relatable in showcasing characters who are reasonable hot messes, it makes sense that “Plus One” has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Erskine really shines as the carefree Alice, showing just the right amount of vulnerability at all the right moments. Plus, there’s some Asian representation in there without calling specific attention to the fact that Alice is Asian, which is always nice to see.

So grab a friend this weekend, watch these movies, and go get cuffing!

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