Worth the hype? Marugame Udon opens in Downtown Berkeley

Kelly Fong/Staff

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Berkeley has been patiently waiting for the opening of the popular udon restaurant, Marugame Udon, for quite some time, and it’s finally here ⁠— say goodbye to commuting all the way to San Francisco just to satisfy your udon craving. Every udon dish is served with freshly made authentic Japanese Sanuki udon and Japanese-imported kelp and dried fish cooked in savory broth. There are about 13 varieties of udon dishes you can choose from, and they’re all equally delicious — you cannot go wrong with any of them!

Some of our favorites at the Clog include the nikutama udon, which is served with the restaurant’s juicy, sweet-flavored beef, soft-boiled egg and kake sauce, the curry udon, served in savory beef curry broth and the kitsune udon, which is topped with aburaage (sweet fried tofu). In addition to udon, Marugame also has a large array of tempura, rice balls and other appetizers you can choose from that will perfectly complement your udon.

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When you first arrive, you’ll be welcomed by a long line. Be prepared to wait in line for 30 minutes to an hour. The udon is made right in front of you, so once you place your order, you’re able to eat right away! After you’ve received your udon, you’re able to choose from the buffet of tempura, rice balls and complimentary toppings. The prices are listed for each tempura, ranging from under $2 to $3. The tempura is definitely a must! 

Kelly Fong / staff

Surprisingly, Marugame is relatively cheap. A regular-sized udon dish is under $10, which is quite rare for the Bay Area. I ordered the kitsune udon and two tempura items, and my total price was a little over $13. No wonder the line is always so long! The food is AMAZING and it’s cheap⁠ — a college student’s dream.  

Kelly Fong / staff

Although you will have to wait in line to treat your taste buds and stomach to an amazing meal, it is definitely worth it. The udon itself is smoother, softer and less chewy than any other udon I’ve ever had. Experience the hype of Marugame — we promise you won’t regret it!

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