4 cute animals to look up for a quick pick-me-up

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Midterm season can be tough. It’s filled with stressful tests, large assignments and lots of studying. To break up the monotony of studying, sometimes it’s nice to take a quick break and remind yourself that the world isn’t just filled with facts that you have to memorize. For example, there are plenty of cute animals on the internet doing even cuter things, which makes them a great way to ease your mind during stressful times. Here’s a list of cute animals you can look up to brighten your day.


There’s a reason why some student organizations on campus bring puppies for students to play with during RRR week. Their cute expressions and playful attitudes make the world feel like a nicer, more innocent and less stressful place. Videos, images or in person, these young dogs should make you smile instantly. 


Kittens are as classic as cute animals come. Cute cat videos used to dominate the internet, but those videos never went anywhere. If you don’t have time to watch short videos during your study breaks, then pictures of young cats should do the trick for you. Kittens are little balls of fuzz with big eyes and a tiny nose — they’re the perfect cute creatures to make you go “aw.”

Little turtles/tortoises

Baby turtles and tortoises are very small and insanely cute. When you think about it, their tiny size might be the reason why they’re so adorable. A little tortoise trying to eat a strawberry or lying on a moving tech deck are some notable examples of why these tiny creatures are the absolute cutest things. Turtles are also a good choice if you’ve somehow gotten tired of cute cats and dogs, as turtles are very different than those balls of fur.


If any animal embodies the word “round,” it would be a seal. They may have flippers and big noses, but they’re also very round. It makes them quite cute, especially when they look up at the camera with their big eyes. Also, the way seals move on land is called galumphing and it looks just like it sounds. Next time you need a quick smile, maybe try watching seals move across a beach — that’ll definitely do the trick.

This is by no means an extensive list of all the cute animals that inhabit this planet. It’s just a friendly reminder of all the cute nice things that are out in the world. If there’s an animal that wasn’t on this list that makes you feel all warm inside, then why not go look up some more pictures and videos of it? When in doubt, look up videos of animals to bring some cuteness into a dreary day of studying and tests. Happy studying, Golden Bears! 

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